What are the signs of early labor?

Ok so i cant tell if this might be early labor or just normal late pregnancy pains. My first two i was induced and never had any pains like this. I was woken up out of a dead sleep at 2am this morning with period cramp like pain. It hurts so much im nauseas and throwing up. Im not feeling contractions but there are moments when the cramping gets worse. Im having a hard time keeping track of how far apart they are in between the puking. Any advice would be appreciated. If this keeps on for the next few hours i think im going to call the hospital and see what they say.

Call them straight away just to be on safe side. X

You are obviously in a LOT of pain. I would call your OB’s after hours number & leave a message for him/her to call you back & advise you in what to do but it sounds like you need to be checked out. If you do go to the ER, they can at least give you something for the nausea & vomiting. My prayers are with you!!

The cramping could be contractions and a lot of women puke during labor (usually transition which is very near delivery). I would definitely go in! Good luck momma! :heart:

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Call hospital hun do not waìt . Good luck

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Contractions to me always felt like period cramp pain. But it got worse I’d go in!


Go to the hospital very soon if it don’t stop or starts getting worsr

Just go to make sure, it want hurt nothing to make sure -to see if its labor or not. Good luck.

Go to the hospital you need to be checked

Get to hospital u could be in labor if not u will not be the first one to go if not it will show u care about the safety of your unborn baby and u

Definitely could be labor sounds exactly like when I went in labor. Don’t wait go to hospital my water never broke yours could be the same.

My contractions felt like period cramps and barely even hurt. Since they were continually going for 2 hours i decided to go in and get monitored. They did it for an hour and saw they were regular but i hadn’t dilated far enough just yet so they kept me another hour and sure enough i got there and had my second daughter four hours later. With my first i was also induced so i didn’t really know what to look for. I was 39 wks with my first and 38 with my second.

My contractions felt like period cramps, some extremely painful but not contraction feeling. Same with my second but when I got to the dr that time I was at a 7 and my water had broken. So you should get checked

When i went into labor i did the same as you, u throwed up and had cramps like having a period

If you’re feeling period like cramping and puking, you should definitely call your OB and let them know you’re going in to meet you there. I never felt “true” contractions like everyone says you’ll feel…felt like Braxton Hicks w both of my babies. I puked and had diarrhea w my second- OB met me at the hospital and I was 5CM. Better to be safe than sorry.

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If your vomiting you need to go to er

Call your Dr. Or go to the hospital & get checked.

Go in! Sounds like labor !