What are the signs of endometriosis?

Any mommas have endometriosis? What problems were you having that made you talk to your doctor and have you tested for it? I’ve been bleeding off and on since August of last year… I’ll go from not bleeding at all to get sharp cramps that have me doubled over in pain and I’ll be bleeding after that… I have PCOS and a history of ovarian cysts but a sonogram checking my mirena and for cysts showed no cysts… can endometriosis run in the family? Sooo many questions and my obgyn is wanting to blame these problems on my birth control when I never had this problem with any of my other mirena’s.


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I have it and I’m gonna be honest it sucks. Had surgery Jan 2018. Luckily now it’s under control with the mini pill. The depo shot helps too but I’m to old for it

Yes it can run in the family my mom, aunt, sister and I all had hysterectomies did to endometriosis I had an ultra sound and biopsy to confirm my endometriosis. I didn’t have much cramps wise (thank god) but I had severe bleeding every month which made me super anemic. I had the mirena for 5 years and it made everything a lot better

Mirena can cause these issues and so many more. I’d trust your ob.

I suffered with Endo for years. Horrible experience! I didn’t know it existed until my doctor brought it up. There is no actual test for endometriosis, since it’s tissue building up on your organs. They have to open you up to see if you have it. I had 2 surgeries to remove it. The last one they found my bladder was fused to my pelvic floor. It couldn’t hurt to bring it up, if they don’t take it seriously enough I would get a second opinion.