What are the signs of labor?

So besides having contractions what are some other signs of labor? What should i expect? How will I know when I’m getting close? I’m due in 2 weeks.

I was induced with my first so I had no signs of labor at all and slept most of the time in the hospital. Thanks


Lots of pressure like a bowel movement; and loss of mucus plug. If a shower/warm bath or laying down doesn’t stop the contractions, it could be the real thing. Good luck and prayers for a safe delivery!

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Ohhhhh you’ll know lol.

I got flu like symptoms for two days before I went into labour.
Poops, nausea; vomiting, chills, constant discomfort
Lack of appetite


I had a lot of pressure…5 hours later i was in labor everyone is different

I had alot of pressure like if someone was standing on my pelvis and i started to vomit right before my contractions went to 3-4 mins apart… It woke me out of a dead sleep

Most symptoms can be felt in later pregnancy and not be labor, which is why it’s tricky-minus water breaking. I dont agree with “oh you’ll know…” I was in labor, early labor, for hours and had i not expressed symptoms with a friend who was 2 months post partum I probably would have been at home clueless much longer.

Pressure/cramping are the most common amongst majority of women, but if you’re like me youve had that for weeks. Like someone mentioned if it’s not legit labor switching positions, relaxing, or a warm bath/shower will minimize or eliminate cramps that aren’t labor. Also if they are not becoming increasingly frequent/somewhat of a pattern/progressively getting worse also probably not real deal.

A leak is something to be very aware of. A lot of women’s water doesn’t break fully/or isn’t a huge gush. Mine was a leak…every contraction a very small amount would leak-so slight i thought it was discharge. (This is how my friend knew I was in labor)

My midwife also said to be aware of cramps or contractions accompanied by diarreah/extreme bowel movements.

Your pains should get closer & closer together near the end . Second babies are usually much shorter labour , than first . Good luck

Girl you will know lol

The urge to push them u know ur having that baby!!!

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With my first my lower back hurt. That was it. NOTHING I did got me comfortable. With my second I had a repeat csection. Number 3 is due in 6 weeks. We’ll see what happens. Lol

With my first I had a rock hard belly all day and didn’t feel my baby. I didn’t realize I was in labor till later that day when my water broke. My second I felt like I was dying to pee Bc it hurt. Got up twice due to that. Then I was feeling kinda crampy. Then my thighs were on fire. Labor pains for sure.

I just had a daughter about a month ago in the day my water broke I couldn’t stop pooping LOL I’ve heard that a lot of women that just went poop like crazy right before they went into labor​:joy::joy::joy: