What are the signs of labor?

Anyone have weakness in legs and arms before labor. I’m being induced the end of the week. All my bps, nsts, have all been great. I’m having pain in my breasts, back, neck, and weakness in my hips and thighs. Is it just end of pregnancy? I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck!

I was like that the last 5 weeks before my baby was born. take it easy lots of fluids!!

I have 4 weeks and feel like I’m falling apart. Think about it, you’re not used to carrying a sack of potatoes around 24/7! Shits hard😂

Your joints are likely softening to prepare for birth, especially in the hips. Rest, feet up, fluids, get significant other to give you a gentle massage. Be cautious going up and down stairs, hold on just in case.