What are the signs of labor?

I am currently 37 weeks and 3 days and the past few weeks I have had a pain that I thought was just lightning crotch. I didnt think much of it so I didn’t tell my ob about it at my last appointment. Over the course of the past 5 days the pain has become excruciating. I ball my eyes out everytime I have to get up and walk somewhere. I cant roll over in bed without screaming out in pain either. And if I have to get in and out of a car I feel like I’m being ripped apart in my pubic bone area. Since it’s a weekend and the 4th was just a few days ago my ob office has been closed. I have researched what this pain could possibly be and am pretty sure it is something called symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). I’m at the point where I’m having to use crutches to get around. My next appointment isnt until Tuesday and my actual ob is on vacation for the next 2 weeks. I have tried everything I can find to try and relieve the pain (water therapy, massages, pelvic tilts, heat, ice, etc.) Nothing is working. Tylenol doesnt touch the pain. Have any other mommas had SPD? If so how did you relieve the pain if at all? Would triage induced me early due to this extreme pain?

*please no negative comments I am hurting so bad I just can’t take it anymore.


Could be your bones spreading. And the baby settling down in the birth canal. Preparing for your delivery. I hope that is all it is. I hope you have an easy delivery. And a beautiful healthy baby. Amen.

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I have SPD and I have had it since about 20 or so weeks. If you looked it up, you know it’s the releasing of too much relaxin too early. But front eh sounds of it, you really aren’t too early to experiencing it. The baby is dropping and/or your pubis is seperating. Some days I don’t move out of bed, and I built a nest that i know I have certain pillows that help give me an angle that makes it easy to get out of bed. I also have a belt. It doesn’t help much, but I definitely feel the pain worse after I take it off. I also bought a recliner to sleep in because I couldn’t lift my legs to get into bed without screaming pain. I’ve done the water therapy and ect as well and all I can say is on the days you can move around, try and do so, but don’t push it. I’m only 33 weeks and i am crying bad some days and others I just have to suck it up. It’s not fun, but if it is SPD, then it won’t hurt your baby and isn’t a need for an early birth. I’ve heard the chiropractor helps but my insurance doesn’t cover it. You’re almost there!! Its temporary. Just make sure to move at your pace, and remember it’s all back to normal soon after. Oh, and talk to your doctor about it, it helps to know it’s not just you and get some advice XOX good luck

I dealt with this during like the last 10 weeks of my last pregnancy. The only thing that really helped ease the excruciating pain was a pregnancy belt and stretching. Other than that, I was in constant pain. You could try going for a pregnancy massage. It could give you some temporary relief at the very least. It sucks to say this but you kinda just get used to it to where it doesn’t really phase you.

Ughhh spd is intense! I had it with both pregnancies but very severe with my 2nd. To the point that I would cry at times from the pain. My hip would also dislocate because my body released tons of the hormone that makes your ligaments stretch and I would have to have my bf be my crutches sometimes because it would happen and until it went back into place I couldnt put any weight on it. Its a rough thing. The spd feels like fire and grinding in your pubic bone. I would try lying down as much as possible and a full body pregnancy pillow saved me at night. I also liked to take baths to relieve the pain and pressure.

I had this for the last three months of my pregnancy, going up and down the stairs hurt like no other

Go in to hospital. Checks are FREE!

Get checked out with dr

Go get checked at the hospitals L&D

Should have an on call doctor whether or not yours is gone. Could meet you at the office or Hospital maybe?

I thought the saame.thing when I was pregnant and then it took 2 days to get 5 centimeters dilated. When the nurse checked to see it I waa at 6…I was back at 2. I didnt have pain meds for the first 14 hours, but the paininmu pelvic area waa so bas I couldn’t take it and then the epidural didnt work…I ended up having an emergency c section…then for a year my hips ached and popped. It was nuts!! Tell your dr!!

Please go to hospital and get checked. Hope you and baby are ok. But go

It sounds like you are in Labour you need to be checked out just to be safe that everything is okay

There should be like an on call dr or nurse hotline through your ob you could call them and talk to the on call dr