What are the signs of labor?

FTM. 34 weeks. I was wondering what are some signs of approaching labor?

I don’t mean when I actually go into labor but more like certain pains, feelings, discomfort etc… Thanks everyone!

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Stomach bug symptoms. All of a sudden puking, and diarrhea. Emptying your system to get ready for labour.

Also from experience, painful hips (I had contractions in my hips and butt)

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Mine was lower back pain where I could hardly walk. I tolerate allot of pain so that is all I remember then the hospital. Never had actual labor contractions until I got there.

For me the most obvious signs were the morning I went in to labor I woke up nauseous and extremely tired. Even after sleeping 15 hrs. The day before I went in to labor I woke up and my Hands and face were extremely swollen. This was my 3rd pregnancy so I was very aware of my body and how I was feeling. I paid close attention.

Ur lower back will have alot of pressure and hurt, well it’ll be very uncomfortable. Your contractions will be very close and u will just know that it’s happening. It’s def different from Braxton hicks. It’s different for everyone but when u go into labor, u will know in ur heart it’s about to get real. Lol

Feeling ill – I got extremly nauseas
Bloody show