What are the signs of labor?

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How soon after your belly dropped really low did u go into labor? I’m 38 weeks my belly dropped a lot overnight I passed a ton of mucus this morning most likely part of my plug. last week I was 37 weeks 4 days already 1cm dilated. My belly and my baby have been measuring about 3 weeks big so as of right now about 41 weeks. I really want this baby out lol


Walk walk walk
Let it happen naturally
I’ve never understood the rush to have the baby and I’ve had 4

I dropped around the same time and lost my plug at 38 weeks and didn’t give birth til 40 + 4! But everything was natural x

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I’m not looking for ways to get the baby out but Im asking when their bellies dropped and when they went into labor.

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I will b getting induced this weekend I was just curious about when moms went into labor after their belly dropped

Kinda off topic but same topic question, how do you know when your belly’s dropped? I’m a bigger girl so I’m not sure I would be able to tell. I lost part of my mucous plug last week and I’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow… and last Tuesday I was told I was 1cm dilated.

My belly dropped quite a while before having both of mine. I was induced with my first she was born at 41 weeks and 5 days. My boy came naturally on the day I was due to be induced at 41 weeks and 5 days. I started losing my plug weeks before both. I was very desperate to have both of mine due to extreme sickness, heat and spd but I had amazing labours both times. I think everyone’s birth stories are all so different but equally as amazing. Good luck! X

Walk and have sex! You’re going to have that baby soon!

I dropped two weeks before I had my oldest and never dropped with my youngest weird.

It was over four weeks for me.

Just because your belly dropped doesnt mean labor will start any time soon it’s just your baby getting down where it needs to be that’s not guaranteed to start labor my baby has been very low since about 25 weeks and I’m 31 weeks now and still no baby lol

Mine never dropped that I noticed, but the day after I lost my mucus plug was when I had my daughter

1 day get checked by dr

My belly dropped about 4 weeks before hand. Then dropped a little more, then about a week before my daughter was born she had dropped a little bit more. I lost my plug the morning I had her. By the time I lost the plug and got to the hospital (less then an hour in total) i was fully dialated.
I have a pretty easy labor for it being my first one