What are the signs of labor?

The past two days I’ve been having all of these symptoms. Loosing small parts of my mucus plug (i know this can regenerate so I’m not super worried about that) having braxton hicks often where my whole belly gets tight. Fast heart beat and hot flashes as well as period like cramping and a pushing down feeling. This is what worries me the most. I feel like I just started my period constantly and have a feeling like baby is gonna come out everytime i go pee or sit a certain way. Is this normal? I’m 31 weeks


sounds like early labor to me. if you’re worried you need to go see your obgyn asap


Go & be checked just to be safe! I did this with my son at 32 weeks & I was in early labor. They had to stop my labor.

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I went to the hospital for some of these reasons. At like 35 wks.
Everything is ok. These r normal symptoms. You can lose your mucus plug for weeks / month. The pressure usually indicates the baby is ready in your pelvic region. (Not going to come out necessarily) also could indicate this is not your first pregnancy ?

I would definitely get checked !! But it does sound normal to me . I just had my little girl in September. Baby # 2 And I felt the exact same way for weeks but I didn’t even open up or start dilating until 38weeks .
But when I did go into labor it was just really sharp period cramps I didn’t know I was in labor and by the time I got to the hospital I was already dilated to almost a 6 . So I would call L&D tell them what’s going on and see if they want you to come in of you do t have an after hours phone number for your OB

I’d be on my way to the er.


This is my second child. I had a baby dec 2017 at 37 weeks pregnant. Ive been to L&D a few times for contractions but they always send me home. Im being monitored weekly on the non stress test monitor.

Sounds like the baby is dropping and you need to stay better hydrated. If you’re being monitored and the docs aren’t super concerned do yourself a favor and just breathe. The more stressed out you get about it, the worse your symptoms will get. Draw yourself a nice bath, light a candle, listen to some soothing and breathe, momma, it’s going to be okay.


Sounds very normal to me. I had 6 but if worried please get checked out

I’m 31 weeks as well and have had all those symptoms since 28 weeks. Ive been checked for preterm labor 3 times the last 3 weeks (for various reasons and actual contractions) and I am not in preterm labor. My dr said its normal but it never hurts to go get checked!

Early labor and possibly preeclampsia. Some women lose their mucous plug earlier, depends on the lady. And lawd, Braxton hicks can feel like the very real thing. I’d go to the dr asap to be sure tho

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Don’t take any chances at all. You will probably know when its real labor .it doesn’t let up. Just make sure Dr knows what’s going on…

Id totally go to the doc! Better safe than sorry

Go get checked. Better safe than sorry. For peace of mind if nothing else.

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I would go get checked asap… I went yesterday cause i had several of these symptoms. And me and the baby are alright… Im 32 weeks 2 days. They told me i was “dry” there words… Said im not drinking enough water and when you dont drink enough your cervix starts to pull and get uncomfortable… Im not a doctor but this is what mine told me yesterday… I drank 10 bottles of water since then and i feel alittle better.