What are the signs of labor?

:bangbang: she has already contacted her doctor :bangbang:

I’m just about 39 weeks pregnant and feeling very fatigued,?having body aches, headaches, chills and nausea. I haven’t actually puked or anything and also have no fever, I have no idea what is going on. Anyone else experience this before or have any ideas what could be happening?? :disappointed:


I’m experiencing the SAME thing at 33 weeks. Haven’t talked to my doctor yet but thinking about calling somebody.

Could you be dehydrated?

I experienced the same not so long ago but it went away. Maybe your body is telling you your nearly ready. Just keep your fluids up and rest. :blush:


I did when I was about 16 weeks come to find out I had the flu I’m now 33 weeks and I have a cold

I had this with my last pregnancy. “Pregnancy flu” I had it near labor,

Could be pending labor. I swore I was getting the flu with both my kids when I was a few days before labor.

I always felt like I had picked up a bug right before labor with my kids

Maybe you’ll go into labor soon 🤷

Water. Sounds simple but it seriously solves so many pregnancy issues

I was nauseas and fatigued and went into labor 3 days later

It could also be just a common “sick” before labor induces within a few days.

Do you live in Florida? Maybe the heat?? .

I felt like complete shit right before I went into labor

I had it at end of my pregnancy clear til a month after having her. The vomiting tore whole in sac n had to be rushed to surgery. No fluid in baby sack ripped open n caused it be Life threatening for me n her