What are the signs of labor?

First time mom questions lol! What week were you when you gave birth? And what were your indications that labour had started.


I had my little guy on his due date. Week before I had him I had diarrhea and a little decrease in his activity. Then 1 Saturday I took a nap and woke up with back contractions they were painful. Went to the hospital when they were 1.5 mins apart he was born Sunday AM.

39 weeks with all 5, knew it was go time when they placed the first cervix softening meds or broke my water. Had 5 successful inductions and vaginal births. Good luck mama!

First one- 38 weeks, induced.
Second- 36 weeks, had a really bad back ache and cramps, thought it was Braxton hicks, went to the hospital and found out I was 4cm dilated.


Week 40 and 1 day.
I had a membrane strip 4 days prior to delivery. I woke up with pretty painful cramps that were similar to menstrual cramps but more painful. Timed them. They weren’t exactly 5 minutes apart for a minute. They were 30 seconds-1 minute long and 3-5 minutes apart. Started at 10am. Went to hospital around 4:30pm. Had my son at 8:41pm. Lol

37 weeks, and water broke while I was going to the bathroom, just thought I couldn’t quit peeing, lol. Then I delivered in an hour and a half, 1st child. Not what I was expecting at all!!

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I was 41 weeks and 3 days and had to be induced because my little fatty didn’t want to come out :joy:

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I was 42 weeks, was supposed to go in to get induced the next morning (Monday) but baby girl decided she wasn’t waiting any longer so Sunday morning I went into labour started off as cramps that felt like period cramps and escalated quickly from there, by 2:43 am Monday morning my monkey was born!

38 weeks(10 days before due date) and I had nausea the day before and then horrible contractions, felt like I needed to use the bathroom, lost my mucous plug, then my water broke. But alot of women’s water doesn’t break at home so be mindful that you can still be in active labor without your water breaking.

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36 with my first and it was a 24 hour induction process. Started with cervadil then got pitocin. Tomorrow I’m 37 and getting a csection.

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I had to be induced with all my babies so far (4) hoping I dont have to be with baby number 5 but they all just want to stay in the little house they have had for 9 plus months lol

38 weeks both times. I had contractions for about a week sporadically and then for 2-3 days had consistent contraction and then my water broke spontaneously at home in bed between 2 and 3am both times. First labor was 9hrs from my water breaking and second was 6hrs from my water breaking.

I was 40 weeks and 3 days, I didnt know I was in labor for 12 hours, i woke up with back pain, and only had back pain for 12 hours, went to hospital after 12 hours to find out I was in labor. total labor was 32 hours

Due date! My water broke at 39 6 and then contractions started after a bath like 10 hours later

38 weeks with both of mine. I had preeclampsia with both so I’m really no help lol

A little over 36 weeks. And my water broke

My first was 40 and a day and my second was at 34 weeks. My first I had to induce labor and my second I just started having contractions and went to the ER and they told me I was in preterm labor!

  1. My water broke spontaneously, but walking around Walmart earlier that day (like 6 or so hours before I went into labor) my hips felt very weird and like the baby was much lower.

38weeks and I started shaking uncontrollably!

36 weeks, induced due to medical problems

I was induced at 39+1 but had a sweep the day before so I was having contractions but didn’t realize until I got the the hospital and was hooked up to the monitor. I had back labor so it felt like my lower back just hurt really bad. They didn’t really go away either it was just like consistent cramping type pain that would just get worse every once in a while.

The only time I gave birth on my own I was 39 weeks and he weighed 7.2 lbs. .I went to the rr and I was bleeding then I heard a pop noise and felt warm fluid but earlier in the morning I was super hungry then I took a nap and woke up by like a strong baby kick or a pain.

35 w. 2 d. I had contractions for 2 days but I thought they were Braxton Hicks contractions since I had gone to the hospital at 31 weeks with contractions and they told me they were Braxton Hicks brought on by dehydration.
The first day they were strong but not that close together, but it continued all day long but then I went to sleep and I figured if I could sleep through it there was no way they were actual contractions, but then the moment I got up they started again, I went to work and figured if it gets worse I’ll leave, and it did get worse. I started timing them using my pregnancy app and realized they were coming every 2-5 minutes. One minute I would have two 2 minutes apart and then I would go five minutes without one but it wasn’t until they were consistently every 3-4 minutes that I went to the hospital and sure enough I was dilated to a 5 and 90% effaced. Let me tell you I’m so glad I went to the hospital because I almost didn’t and who knows what could of happened. My son ended having an infection and that’s what sent me into early labor.

I was 37 wks exactly and induced because of preeclampsia

37 weeks and 28 weeks

I was 38 weeks I lifted something and ruptured my water

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41 weeks with my 1st… Contractions and back labor

34 weeks with my 2nd… Water broke

I was 38 weeks and 1 day. I had diarrhea the night before, I felt restless, then i woke up the next morning in active labor and under 2 hours of my water breaking my son was born. My labor was fast