What are the signs of labor?

So I’m 22 weeks pregnant i have gestational diabetes, at my anatomy scan a week ago babe was measuring 1 pound 3 oz. Last night I was extremely uncomfortable and achy. This morning I woke up and it’s hard to take full breaths, my stomach is aching (Like the muscles not the organ) i cant stop going to the bathroom and now I can feel some pressure and kicking at my cervix…this isn’t a sign of early labor is it? I’m getting worried…I have an appointment in a couple hours with my GP but I need some reassurance.


I’m 30 weeks with GD my baby is 3.5 pounds already I feel pressure and kicking all the time no signs of labor! But everyone is different better to get checked out as I went into early labor around 20 something weeks with my first child!

I’d call the doctors office and ask them. Period. I ignored pain and by the time I went to the hospital I was dilated to a 4 and they couldn’t stop the labor. I had her a few hours later and we spent weeks and weeks in the nicu.

I think that’s a bigger than usual baby at 22 weeks, but first son was too. I’m 25 weeks right now and I feel kicks at my cervix constantly and if they did a vaginal ultrasound to check the length of your cervix too you can usually see babies feet lit right there kicking your cervix lol. As long as no fluid, excessive cramping, or what feel like contractions I wouldn’t be overly concerned

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Eat a light breakfast, drink lots of water then go lay down and try to concentrate on breathing and trying to relax until your appointment. Every one’s body is different so it’s hard to tell. But you did the best thing you can do by going to see a gp asap. Until then relax…
I’m a mom of 8 and every single one of my pregnancy’s were different. My best advice is eat, go lay down and let your body rest.

Well I can’t specifically say but your best bet is to try to take some deep calming breaths of you can and relax. The only thing you can do is see your Dr as pregnancy is different for everyone. Try to relax as much as you can since stress is definitely not good for baby.

It could be the abdominal muscles beginning to stretch causing the aching you are feeling, but definitely have it checked if you are concerned.

Go to er I had this with my daughter I thought it was Braxton hicks but I was in labor had her at 31 weeks in the hospital hallway

Have u had any fuild leaking u can’t stop ur water if it’s leaking and if ur hurt the best thing to do is get check …I tell my daughter in law all the time ur doctors on call and if it wasn’t for pregnant woman having questions or problems them doctor won’t have jobs…so use it go to er they will send u to labor and delivery u can never be to safe when carry ur lil bundle of joy

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I’d go to the ER, they’ll send you to labor and delivery real quick. I had abdominal pain at 26 weeks and the ER didn’t even triage me. I just said I was 26 weeks pregnant and having abdominal pain and they called Labor and Delivery and sent me straight there. I ended up having gallstones. So get yourself checked out and be safe, not sorry. :blush: