What are the signs of labor?

My fiancé and I were having sex, and I couldn’t get into it. I felt so sensitive down there, and it was the weirdest feeling, and my stomach kinda hurt a little bit. I thought I had to pee… go try and couldn’t, but I lost some of my mucus plugs. Try to get into it again, and I couldn’t. We tried different positions everything, and the sensitivity was odd. Then once I let him finish, I went to get up, and there was a clump of jelly discharge. Am I close to labor? This is the weirdest thing to me. This isn’t my first child, but this has never happened to me in other pregnancies.


Sounds like you are close

How far along are you ??

Signs of labor? Baby!

With my first I lost my plug early afternoon and he was born that night with my second I lost my plug 3 times between 36-39 weeks, he came on his due date. Every body is different

I found out that I needed to be induced with my daughter because I didn’t feel right so I went into the birth center and they said the fluid was too thick and she needed to come out ASAP

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Definitely sounds like u lost ur mucus plug so labor could come anytime just pay attention for contractions and time them

I lost mine and called the hospital and they told me to come in cause I was in prelabor. Had her about 12 hours later

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Had my baby 24 hours after loosing my plug

Had my son 3 days after I lost mine

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After being intimate with my partner with my first i ended up losing my plug and within a few hours my waters went i was only 35 weeks at the time. If your close to your delivery date anyways its definitely possible that labour is starting from here x

Not necessarily.
I lost peices of my mucus plug as early as 29 weeks with both pregnancies and did NOT to into labor.
Cramping isnt abnormal either. Muscles stretching and Braxton hicks are real “things”
Being sensitive down there is also not abnormal. Nerves all interconnected. Being extra sensitive isnt much different than “lightning crotch”

All of that said, that doesnt mean you’re not close to labor.
Drink some water dehydration can increase cramping.
And maybe give your doctor a call to ease your mind.

I lost mine at 29 weeks and my youngest was born at 34 weeks.

Yes you are if your plug has gone

Lost mine and had my daughter 6 hours later

I lost mine with my son around 32 weeks, I was induced on my due date. With my daughter I started losing it around 30 weeks and continued to have mucus plug coming out until I had her at 37 weeks. My body didn’t dilate with either until hours before I gave birth to them. Once I started, there was no stopping them.

I lost mine twice. Once at 28 weeks and was cleared as nothing. Once at 35.6 weeks, admitted because my doctor wasn’t happy with my NST and I was contracting. Delivered her less than 24 hours later right at 36 weeks, with no medication to induce.

I lost my plug before each with oncoming labor, some 24 hrs before, some just hours before. Good luck!

I would lose mine about a week or two before I would go into labour. Three of my kids this happened. One I never lost it at all. That labour was hard. Not saying it’s connected just something I noticed.
Losing your “plug” is different for every pregnancy and person. Something you should let your doctor know though


I Lost mine at 24 weeks and was kept on bed rest until 30 weeks - during that time I kept on losing little bits. It came back and I lost it with my show at 33 weeks. From memory I had my daughter 2 days later.

Just your mucus plug. Trust me when labor starts you’ll know your in labor the pain gets intense enough to where you can’t walk or talk during them and you’ll be able to time them like every 5 minutes or 2 or something you’ll know they are coming and it’ll suck cus you know it’s coming and you can’t stop it.


Your mucus plug can regenerate so it doesn’t necessarily mean labor


Same thing recently happened to me.
I was 21 weeks. Cramps, plug and all. But luckily it’s not that serious unless you start having those contractions.
May have a uti too possibly :woman_shrugging:t2: happens a lot during pregnancy for most.
Never hurts to call your doctor :slightly_smiling_face: Thats what they’re there for :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a suggestion, call your Dr. Just to be sure …


Lost mine the night before w 2 of mine!

Plugs don’t mean anything, they can be lost months before labor. Crampy feelings, sensitivity, and uncomfortableness are normal with sex and pregnancy. 34 weeks n going through all that. Certain positions are more tolerable than others, mostly with my husband behind me while I’m laying down

Avoid hot baths and intense sex after you’ve lost your mucous plug just to be safe.

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I lost my plug and delivered the next day! Some people lose theirs and it regenerates so it could be different for everyone!

I had that happen to me at 20 weeks with having sex it’s part of your cervix discharging it’s perfectly normal if your that worried talk to your doctor my daughter was 41 weeks when I had her I lost the mucus plug every time having sex

I lost mine and it still took 2 weeks before I went into labor

When I was pregnant with my twins my husband and I had sex one night. Same thing, super sensitive and basically everything you mentioned above. I got up to go pee and my plug fell out. I had them like five days later.

I lost my mucus plug with my first at 32 weeks. Scared the crud out of me but it grew back and didn’t have her until 37 weeks 2 days

I lost mine two weeks before having both kids, it never really effected anything for me.

With two of my pregnancy’s I lost my plug and went into labor that day!

You will definitely know when you’re going into labor lol everyone told me that and I didn’t believe them but it’s the truth. I feel like I had mild labor for a couple days and then the real labor started. Good luck !


Contractions that are about 5 min apart ,possible break ,a little blood in urin ( if this happens go to dr) you’ll know there’s no way not to know and if your not sure call ur dr and ask your questions

When it’s real you WILL KNOW!!


Yes that is what is happening, your body is practicing for the big event. You will lose your mucus plug. The contractions will get more uncomfortable and lasting longer as you move in to full labor. Your water could break. Prayers for a safe healthy delivery and baby. You got this mom your body knows what to do.

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I think I was having small contractions a few days before my water broke. Felt this strange cramp that seemed like it radiated - made like a tight kinda hurting feeling through me (like heavy feeling then released an went away.
Wasn’t like a period cramp tho just a strange tight feeling that I had never felt.

But u will know when u go into labour.

Meanwhile rest up

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Wait until the cramps are every 3-5 minutes apart lasting 45 seconds to a minute. You’ll know when it’s real mama


I was in active for 8 hrs before it started to be painful bc when my water it only leaked and had no idea till I called the hospital

That’s exactly what’s happening. I went to the doctor at 40 weeks and I was almost 2cm dilated. 2 days later I went into labor at 41 weeks on the dot

Everyone told me I would know. But I didn’t, even in the hospital they were telling me I was having 3min apart contractions, but I didn’t feel it really until after they gave me the junk for induction. Contractions can feel like little cramps, and sometimes you get contractions way before you are ready to give birth . The only person who can truly tell is a medical professional :green_heart: the experience is different for everyone.


Period style cramps were early labor for me. Your body might be gearing up. But the other ladies are right, you’ll know when it’s real because it gets intense.

I was having real contractions when I was in labor and I didn’t even know. I was hooked up to the monitor and the nurse was the one who told me.

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Yeah, you’re just dilating more and thinning out. When you can time a contraction and they are about 10 min apart for at least an hour then you are about to put on the live action show! Lol and contractions are when your stomach gets hard and are usually painful. Everyone’s pain levels vary but they dont tickle!
Hope everyone slides out easy! Lol sorry… Good luck momma! :blue_heart::grin:


I was induced my fist time, within 4 hours I gave birth, 2nd on, my water broke, same…I was as dilated as you.

I was like this at 36 weeks felt sore went to work they sent me home as was in early labour, didn’t get painful till the evening

I woke up in labor 3 days over die with my first

contractions be like “You gon learn tonight” :joy: That’s how you know when you’re in labor :joy:

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I would go to the hospital. I had contractions and did not know i went to the hospital because i thought i had bladder infection it was contractions…

Baby, cramps are contrations when your that far along lol. You are going into labor! Please keep in mind that not everyone’s water breaks so don’t wait for that to happen before you go in, you might wait too long. Count the time in-between your contractions. Once they’re about 10 mins apart you should get ready to go if you plan a hospital birth. That should give you enough time to get settled in, and get an epidural should you want it.

I didn’t know with my first until my water broke lol and with my third I was dilated 3-4 over a week until I was induced

In early labor the contractions felt like period cramps to me.

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I am kind of the odd ball here. I had intense contractions that I thought were maybe like period cramps but kept telling myself they weren’t bad or intense enough for actual labor. I thought I was constipated or something. Once they were 5 min apart I called the hospital and they had me rush in. I had my twins like 3 hours later.

Sounds like early labor…I was like that for 3 weeks with my first and 1 week with my 3rd ur doc won’t do anything about it till ur at least 37 weeks which is considered term most times not even then unless there’s a prob or ur at ur due date or late…some docs will do whatever u want no matter the risk…I’d at least call the doc and tell them so they can be prepared for u when its time

I woke up in the middle of the night with cramps like from a period. They didn’t go away they were always close from the start. I had a bath & that was the only thing to calm it down but as soon as I would stand up it was there. It got stronger & was always very close together over the course of 8 hours then I sat down &once I stood up my water broke. I was told also I would know but I really wasn’t sure it just felt like Braxton hicks because I had been having cramps prior. My son came 4 hours later.

My daughter tried to make her appearance at 33 weeks. I only had period like cramps and they was just a few minutes apart I went to the hospital to find I was having contractions every 5 minutes some was less then that and I was already 2cm dilated & 75% thinned they managed to get my contractions to stop for the most part cause she was to early and then I stopped dilating all together even being induced I was having minor contractions when they induced me at 39 weeks but it ended in a c-section cause she was apparently not wanting to come after they stopped her from coming early. I lost most of my Mucus plug starting around 36-37 weeks but never did go into labor. Everybody & pregnancy is different. I would definitely go to the hospital so they can hook you up and monitor the contractions if that’s what you’re having and watch the babies heartbeat. Good luck & congratulations

You feel like you ate something that’s not settling well… you think you may crap yourself out throw up. Remember period cramps? Those join in too. Sometimes you’ll have waves of nausea while also feeling like you slept funny, because your lower back is a bit sore.
It doesn’t always start like labor…more like you had a greasy dish that was maybe a bit too spicy, last night. Good luck.

With my first I just had cramps and felt like i was sick to my stomach. Got nervous so I called the Dr and he said come in we’ll check you. I was 9cm dilated and had no clue. Thank God the hospital was across the street lol. Don’t ignore any signs when your this far.

You’re body is just doing it’s thing preparing for labor. Congratulations mama!

I had cramping to efface and dilate but I didn’t feel early contractions. My first I even had Braxton Hicks! The first time, my water broke at 5 am didn’t even realize I was having contractions until almost 9 am and was 5 cm. The second time, I was having pressure. Like I felt like my belly was sitting right on my uterus and it felt so low in my crotch… went in, got checked and my water broke had her within 20 mins of that! Neither time was I able to time contractions like everyone talks about until it was go time. But you’ll definitely know when they’re full blown contractions! I started hurting with contractions around 9/10 cm with both babes. :heart: GOOD LUCK!!