What are the signs of labor?

What are labor signs? I am 36 weeks pregnant and having major back pain, I have been losing my mucus plug and having contractions on and off all day, I would prefer she stay in another week but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. What happened to you before you went into labor?


Those sound like signs of labor but then again, could just be pregnancy in general.

Call your dr. Everyone’s labor is different.

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Lots of cramping for me. But definitely call your doctor

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Go get checked but usually you know when its really time.

I would definitely get checked just to be safe.

With my first, I had back labor and it felt like my back was on fire all day long and no position I tried helped. I also had a hard time walking. I lost my mucus plug about 5 hours before I woke up having contractions in my belly and my water breaking on its own. I was 37 weeks

For both my children I threw up VIOLENTLY before true labour started but had signs for weeks that labour was coming soon

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Just went through this . Got to the hospital as contractions hit hard . But there is a such thing as pre labour . I had that weeks leading up to my 3rd

Please get checked. I only had back pain, no bleeding and found out after labor I had placenta abruption and that’s why my back hurt. It doesn’t hurt to just have them check. Good luck! Congrats!

Same thing happened to me. Lost my mucus plug and had back pain and contractions. Called the hospital, they said my body was just getting ready. “5weeks befor my due date.” I went in to get checked anyway, 1.5 hrs later my baby was born.

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I lost my mucus plug sat night, went to the hospital cause my contractions were irregular and I just turned 35 weeks too that day! They gave me meds to stop it Sunday morning I was fine til 5 in the afternoon my contractions were like 3-5 mins apart! I thought it because of something I ate and nope went to the hospital around 10:30ish and my contractions were so close I was 3 cm dialted already with no water being broke yet! I lasted about 5 hours with no medication for the labor pains I threw up about 4-5 times? And finally I got the epidural I couldn’t bare the pain anymore. My plan was to get medication for pain but I literally didn’t know I was having my son

I would definitely go in to also make sure your water didn’t crack. Mine did with both of my littles. Wasn’t there full whoosh. My daughter there was a small whoosh. My son I had no idea

No one told me it felt like bad period cramps! That was my biggest sign that it was real labor, it was contraction and really bad cramps together.

You probably should go in. I lost my mucus plug early in the morning after being woke up from contractions. After I was transported to another hospital and got my epidural, my water broke.

Everybody’s labor is different
Call your doctor and go get checked

Get checked , you cannot determine the extent of your child’s gestation.

I had back labor that radiated to the front as well over time

Drink lots of water

See if it stops contractions


Get check. Was in agony with my back from the Thursday and had my daughter on the Monday it was back labour. My water broke Monday morning and she arrived Monday evening

Loss of mucus plug but call and check with your doctor or go to nearby hospital if you’re concerned

Loss of mucus plug can go on over a few weeks if its clear if its bloody show then you know its time no harm asking the midwife

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I had woke up with contractions I tried to go back to sleep and get comfortable for an hour. I was told, if you drink water and try to lay down if it’s not actual labor they will call down. Always good to go get checked though. Good luck!

I had my son on the 19th at 36weeks. I was also losing my mucus plug for days and felt like I was “leaking” fluids (could’ve been a slow leak of amniotic fluid). I was also having back pain for a few days before he was born. My water broke at 6cm. I’d definitely get checked by your obgyn too see how far dilated you are

My enya was 37 weekd…

I had bad back pain at 39 weeks so I went to the hospital and I was in labor almost 4cm !

I had no signs until my water broke…I went from no contractions to 1 every 2 minutes…

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This was me with my first baby, also at 36 weeks. When I arrived at the hospital I was at 6. My baby was born four hours later. Definitely get checked.

Pay attention to the back pain does it go away amd come back? I had back labor in the small or lower part of your back. I never felt a contractionin the front of my stomach, if felt them in my back. They even let me take a heating pad ro the hospital which helped with the pain. I couldn’t use the highest setting, had to use low or medium but it helped.

Mucus plug comes and goes during pregnancy it can grow back, but if it’s bloody then speak to a midwife. Biggest indicator is your waters.


baby’s head comes out
Hi, do u guys think i’m in labour?


Please get checked if u are having contractions

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Mucus plug regenerates
Back pain can be normal.
Contractions could be from dehydration.
Are they timeable at all or sporadic?
Try relaxing, drink tons of fluids, and then see if it goes away.
If it continues throughout the day go ahead and call your doc and see if they have suggestions. When I was experiencing these, they suggested water and she stayed in until 42 weeks lol.

It’s back labor you’re having, I’d go get checked if I were you! I was 38w 2d on Wednesday, went to my regular ob appointment in the morning, my back continued to hurt all day and I had my baby girl that night!

I had a burst of energy. Lower back pain nothing in the front went to hospital they kept me. Delivered that night

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If it’s just in the back, it may just be false labor. You would also feel tighting in the stomach area. You should go get checked out though.

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I had more than one if my babies at 34 weeks with loss of mucus plug and back contractions… I’d call a nurse at telehealth at the very least better yet go get checked out … I waited around the house with baby #3 and by the time I got to the hospital she was delivered less than 15 minutes later… good luck momma

call your doc and they’ll check you