What are the signs of labor?

i’m due in 2 days but all of a sudden (since last night) i can’t stop throwing up & i keep getting really bad stomach pains (my stomach isn’t getting hard though & she’s still moving around) & my lower back is KILLING me
Anybody ever have this happen ??


More than likely your in labor…


Sounds like you’re having a baby. Good luck!!

Doesn’t hurt to go get checked out,

Sounds like back labor to me

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I’d go to the hospital sounds like you’re in labor

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Sounds like you’re going into labor. Better get somebody to have a look.

Sounds like you need to go to the dr or hospital

Well, either a tummy bug or could be the early stages of labor. Either way, try and stay hydrated with only small sips of water or even just some ice chips. Congratulations mama!! :slight_smile:

I would definitely make a trip to the Maternity ward.

Definitely back labor get your booty to the hospital

Back labor, get to hospital or call midwife. Good luck mama :raised_hands::heart:

Baby time! Get to the hospital ASAP

Oh my here comes baby! Congratulations!

Back labor for sure. Go get checked out.

Give your doctor a call they will want to check you it

my daughter had back labour… and this sounds similar… maybe go get a check up x

Either ur in labor or u have a stomach bug. Hopefully it’s labor. Based on the back pain it probably is.

Definitely sounds like back labor. Best of luck Mama :heartbeat:

Sounds like back labor.

I agree with everyone here. That’s how my back labor was. Go get checked to be safe!

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Sounds like the start of back labour! I had horrendous back pain and sickness after I was induced good luck mumma


I puked when i was in labor! It helped me to dilate…

Yes. I was in labor and didn’t know. Went to the hospital for fluids, ended up giving birth 6 hours later

Sounds like back labor to me. That’s how mine started!

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congrats!! Bubs is on the way!! I had back Labour with my first

Here comes baby!!! Yay!

Yep yep yep! To the hospital.

i puked with all of my labors.

Back labor go to hospital. Congratulations Good luck

Go to ER and get checked out

I threw up while in labor with my 1st spawn​:smiling_imp::joy::black_heart:

Get to hospital momma baby will be here soon

Call the doctor instead seeking advice on the internet

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Ur in labour! Go to hospital

Sounds like baby is coming. Good luck

Sounds a lot like back labour.
Head to the hospital.
Good luck!!

Back labor, go to the hospital.

That’s how my back labor felt.i stayed home as long as I could. Delivered less than an hour of arriving

You should get in to see your doctor, don’t take chances!

Might be your gallbladder, nerves, anxiety or a bladder infection. Or early labor! I have really bad anxiety in general. I’ve taken meds for years, but didn’t while pregnant because of the possible birth defects associated with the meds. So right before my schedule C-section I got horribly sick throwing up etc. It was my anxiety. But I also found out later (after baby) I had gallstones and a bladder infection. Hope you find relief and or answers.

Might be labor starting!!

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I agree with everyone else. I had back labor too :blush: goodluck momma

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Back pains…stomach pains…sounds like my first labor!!! Go to hospital!!! Might be time!!! :grin:

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Ur in labor dear. Good luck!

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That would be labor hun.
Back labor.
Go to the hospital

Go to labor a delivery throwing up can be a sign of preeclampsia no joke, hope all is well

Why are you posting on the internet get your ass to the hospital

I started throwing up when I went into labor. Your digestive system slows down to prepare for baby’s arrival. You’re in labor dear.

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Start of labor!!! Your body is cleaning itself out!’ Good luck and keep us updated.

Go to the hospital your probably in labor!

Get to the hospital now

Please update sweetheart bet you’ll have a baby today so excited for you praying an easy delivery for you sweetheart

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Quick dialation made me throw up. I went from 4 to 10 so fast it was like my gravity shifted and I got dizzy and sick.

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Sounds like back labor

Sounds like my labor with my second child

I had back labor too

That is back labor!! Go to the hospital! I had back labor the whole time with my daughter!

This happened to me, I thought it was heartburn because it burned like hell! Yeah, it was labor pains lol. Get to L&D to get checked out!!

That’s labor hunny!! Labor can start all different kinds of ways.

Go to the hospital. I am surprised you haven’t already.

I was throwing up wheni started active labor! Go to hospital momma! Good luck

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I got the stomach flu with my second. I was so dehydrated it put me into labor 2 weeks early.

Could also be a uti- go to the Er- we cant diagnose you here

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Get to the hospital sounds like back labor had that with my last two. GOOD LUCK MAMA​:pray::baby_bottle::heart_eyes:

Early labour is felt in the upper region , can feel like very bad indigestion , progresses after that

The labor I ever felt was back labor. Go get checked

Get to the hospital you’re in labor

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Welcome to labor, momma. Good luck!!!

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Your having a baby!!! KEEP US UPDATED :blue_heart::heartpulse:

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My cousin threw up during labor while pushing her daughter out, it actually helped her get the baby out lol

Labor, I was got sick throughout my labor

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There’s a baby on the way :heart_eyes:

Sounds like laboring is coming soon

I threw up while in labor with my son it helped a lot… With my daughter she was easier to push out

Sounds like a baby is coming soon. Call your doc and update them, and they will give you the best advice.

Labor!!! Baby is making a entrance…or exit!?

Your in labor!! Go!!! I had the same my first and kept trying to go to the bathroom!

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Labor could be starting soon if you aren’t already in early labor!!:heart_eyes:

Thats labor all day. Good luck mama.

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Yep labor, I threw up too with my first one, during labor

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You’re in labor!! It’s probably back labor. But labor no doubt. Congrats mama!!!

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Go to the hospital!!!

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Labor my friend good luck

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You’re going into labor. I felt like absolute garbage the day before my water broke for both of my babies.

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Yeah it’s called labor go in.

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Sounds like labor! Good luck momma & congratulations !!

My first two was back pain labour my 3rd well put it this way if l had that pain with the first 2 l wouldn’t have had any more lol good luck

Early back labor girl. Go get checked.

Yeah I had full blown back labor with my first

Sounds like labor :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: good luck!!

This was exactlyy Labour to a tee with my second.
Good luck and call hospital. Xx

With my first, 30 mins after my water broke I started vomiting. Kept it up for quite awhile before she was born. You are probably on your way momma! Best of luck

Labor, go to hospital fast

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Your body is going into labor

Go get checked out.Youre probably in labor & they’ll probably put you in. Good luck.

Back labor. Go to the doctor

Labor I had the same thing could not keep anything down call the hospital and let them know

Back labor go see Dr.

Congratulations mommy to be. Your in Labor May God bring her here in this world with his blessing an peace.

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