What are the signs of labor?

How can I tell if I’m in labor? I woke up from a nap and when I stood up I got this really sharp pain in the lower part of my belly. It feels like I need to use the bathroom but when I try it hurts really bad. It was constant for like 3 minutes then it eased up. I have a doctors appointment at 1. Does this sound like contractions?


Trust me you will know… They will make tears come to your eyes

Did it only happen once or is it reoccurring every so often?

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Sounds like it to me!

You’re having Braxton Hicks. Those are false labor pains but they help your body adjust to labor and prepare you for the real labor pains. They will have you unable to walk ( depends on how your body takes to labor pains)

Sounds like a gas bubble honestly. I’m 38 weeks and I’ve had that feeling

That’s what happened to me when I went into labor with my son. It not today rlly soon. All depends on how quick you dilate.

Nope sounds like round ligament pain from stretching if it was just one painful moment. Contractions will come and go and be extremely painful. Braxton Hicks can be like that aswell.

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Contractions described to me were they took your breath away and if you’re walking they can stop you in your tracks. Water and movement doesn’t help like it would with Braxton hicks. But everyones pain tolerance is different. But I’d call your doctor to see if they could see you sooner.

I think I encountered some contractions the night before last it felt like serious period cramps I was ballin my eyes out could hardly walk to the bathroom to go pee lasted about thirty mins rarely eased up I was so happy when they stopped

That was start of labor for me

I was induced with my first and don’t really remember. My second, all day long I felt like I had to poop but it was in fact labor. Definitely say something at your appt!!!

The pressure you experienced, more than the pain, is laborish sounding.
The pain couldve just been a ligament stretching which is a sharp, searing pain. Contractions feel like period cramps in the beginning moving to period cramps on steroids later on and are regularly spaced apart. And I didnt feel pressure until I was around 7-8 cm dilated. I didnt even go to the hospital until i was at a 6 with my second born bc contractions weren’t that much worse than my period cramps and were still pretty far apart.
However, both of my labors were slow and steady. I do not know how things feel for women who have a super quick labor.


I went in to preterm labor and it was like that then stated getting closer together and they had to stop it with steroid shots . I though I had bubble guts at first then it lasted with big stomach pains for minutes and they kept coming .

Ya might wanna head to L&D

don’t believe when people say trust me you will know. I was in active labor with my twins and had absolutely no idea. If you’re concerned definitely go get it checked out


It will keep coming continuously if its real and will piss u off and make u cry at the same time lol its an irritating feeling was for me anyway

Mine were like that for an entire day before I had my babe.

My contractions began at 4 minutes apart, went to 2 minutes apart. They were initially so mild I felt just like you do. I went in and got checked, verified I was in labor, but sent me home because my water hadn’t broken and I wasn’t dilating yet. Fast forward four hours and I was an admit.

Best wishes for you and your baby!

Guess you’ll find out at your doc appt

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Just talk to your doctor when you get there. It could be anything. EVERYONE’s labor is different!!! I had no idea I was having contractions. Even with pitocen I barely felt my contractions until 6 hours into my drip.

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You might ask your OB just in case

If you even have to question it, go into the hospital. Id rather be safe than sorry 🤷

How many weeks are you? Could be Braxton Hicks but I would call L&D

Maybe you have to take a painful shit.

Sounds like your starting also Not to be crude but if water leaks out call the hospital

My first labor i was walking around Wal-Mart getting salt for a huge snow storm. (I think) i looked at my than hubby and said i feel weird. Said something along the lines of its ok. It’s probably just the baby. Yeah…i was right! I had started my contractions. They were annoying and grew more painful over time.

Second i was at the Dr. He did a check, pulled his hand out and said go to the hospital now. Didn’t feel early contractions with her.

Third i was enduced. I went in for my screening and didn’t comeout of the hospital. I told my than hubby that i had a feeling i wasn’t coming out of the hospital. I was right, lol.

If they start and stop keep up with how far apart they are. If they are regular it’s contractions.

Sound like you might be. I know with my son that’s how it felt like I had to go to the bathroom for a while couldn’t go and then my water broke it was the middle of my shift and two hours later I had him. So if you think you might be call up your the doctor and ask them about it.

I was in labor for hours and didn’t even know I thought I just had to poop really bad and couldn’t. so trust me when I say you know when labor starts know sometimes you don’t I ended up going to the hospital hours later with some pain and I ended up breaking my water in the ER waiting room and standing in front of everybody and they just woke me up and turn ambulance right there to the closest hospital with a NICU because my daughter was born premature I almost gave birth to her in the ambulance. rule of thumb if you have any fear of anything always go get checked

It was my lower back that hurt the most. Write down what time you felt that in your belly and if it happens again record it. Contractions always come back. Good luck!

It does. Wait for your appt unless it gets worse.

1st I was laying in bed with my husband and started hurting figured it was Braxton Hicks but they kept getting worse
2nd we were doing my sons birthday and I started hurting after we put him in his bed and they kept getting worse
And 3rd I coughed and at the time thought I had peed myself and I went to change pants when I lifted my leg a gush if water hit and I told me mom I think my water broke because I know I didn’t just puss myself and every step I’m leaking so I sat at home for thirty minutes waiting on my husband before I couldn’t handle it anymore and went to the hospital

When i had back labor pains it started with similar feelings- like i needed fo poop bad yet constipated for a long time. This could be the start. And back labor is hardcore… Good luck