What are the signs of labor?

Has anyone experienced “lightning crotch” as a first sign of labor? I’m 36 weeks and having horrible sharp pains in my lady bits and I’m wondering if labor could be near.


Probably not. I had that with my 4th for 4 months straight. Everyday. Drove me nuts.

Its your pelvis stretching. I had that with my daughter. Strikes out of nowhere when you walk

Oh yes
It would strike so suddenly and I would double over and yell a bit.
It started about a week before I lost my mucus plug

I experienced it a lot in my third trimester for all three babies. Wasn’t an indication for labor.

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Yes I did for weeks before I had my son it was so painful I cried I few times.

Probably a sign of baby dropping. That what my midwife told me anyways.

Just ligaments stretching

Nope just a normal part of late pregnancy

I had lightening crotch my entire 3rd trimester.

I have it now and am only 19 weeks. I was told by my OB that it is normal & is likely ligaments stretching.

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I’m 30 weeks and have had in since 24 weeks. Sucks so bad but don’t think it’s a sign of labor

I had it since I was 27 weeks with my second. Worst pain ever. The all natural birth I had was easier than that :joy:

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I didn’t experience it as a sign of labor. But it happened through the last month of my pregnancy.

Same… I’m 36 weeks. Sharp pains, Braxton Hicks, tons of pressure, can’t be on my feet long, gotta pee constantly… My baby dropped. Full moon on the 18th. Pack your hospital bag momma.

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Samantha this is about what I was trying to explain

I had it my whole pregnancy

I had it from 35/36 weeks or so with both my full term babies

I got them before I started experiencing round ligament pains

I had that pain for the last 6 weeks but it increasingly got worse. Right before I had my son, it felt like I fell straight onto a metal pole. That’s the only way I can think to describe it :joy:

Probably just pressure

Your baby is dropping and getting into position to deliver. All 3 of my girls did it to me. It’s like a sharp knife going up ur huha!!
Youre almost done being pregnant lol

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Its just normal is pregnancy. Im o ly 18 weeks and 4 days and i have been starting to get them!!

I had that but not for labor

That can be a sign of dilation. Get checked

I had it just about my whole pregnancy. Or at least once the baby got to a certain size til the end.

Had it during my whole pregnancy with all my kids it’s normal and very painful eat some bananas and drink plenty of calcium is what my doctor told me.

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I had that so much in my first pregnancy. Always thought labor was starting, ended up having g to be induced at 41 weeks.

I had that for weeks prior. It suckssss

I had “lightning crotch” with my daughter for about 6 weeks before I even had her… it’s usually due the the pressure of the baby, my daughter sat extremely low…

I had it from 20 weeks on…its awful. I would say no it is not a sign of labor

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Iv gotten them for awhile now…but my baby sits really low as is…but being 37 weeks and 5 days…its got alot more pressure behind the jabs and there more frequent…but in general iv had the jabs for a good bit of my pregnancy.