What are the signs of labor?

So for the last couple of days ive been haveing alot of braxton hicks feeling sick running toilet alot more im 32 weeks pregnant and also been haveing alot of spotting ive also been loseing alot of discharge… ive been to my midwife and doctors and they are telling me babys head down and everythings fine my quistion is has anyone experience this before and ended up in laubour early??


I just left my doctors and all these symptoms your explaining are signs of when to go in and get checked. These very well can be the signs of labour

Im going through same thing doctor told me she will come but can’t say when

You’re loosing your mucus plug which can happen early before labour even beings… I’m 37 weeks and have been experiencing this since 35 weeks no labour yet. have had 2 non stress tests to make sure it’s not real labour (3rd babe)

Ive been have those symptoms since 22 weeks and been loosing bits and pieces of mucus plug but those grow back. Im 29 weeks 5 days