What are the signs of labor?

I’m 34 weeks pregnant. On Monday night I was sick most of night with diarrhea and throwing up once with feeling nauseous, done ok Tuesday with little nausea feeling, last night threw up once and felt nauseous with diarrhea most of night. This morning threw up and felt nauseous. Anyone else like this? Is it sign of maybe labor soon or all symptoms coming back from beginning of pregnancy.


This sounds like a labour is soon

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I’m feeling the same however with a strong headache.

That’s how I was the weekend before my son was born. Also had horrible, horrible motion sickness when walking or anything. I could hear the water sloshing. :nauseated_face:

Sounds like starting labor soon to me. Your body is cleaning itself out.

Sounds like a stomach bug. I had the same thing happen to me. Be very careful not to get dehydrated. If you’re just not getting better, go to the hospital as worsening symptoms are an indication of dehydration and that’s very dangerous for the baby and can send you into preterm labor. I’ve had a premie and it’s not good. Take care of yourself.


Sounds like your body is trying to clean itself out preparing for labor/delivery.

I did this with my third child at 34 weeks. I called my ob was told by my ob to come in. They did an ultrasound and it turned out that my son had drank his amniotic fluid. Please be safe and call your doctor. My son was delivered the next morning


Could be that or even the heat.

This happened to me and I ended up at the emergency with a viral infection. They monitored the baby he was doing great, but mama not so great. I’d go get checked to be on the safe side :blush:

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This sounds like a stomach bug. Perhaps you should contact the doctor.


Sounds like a stomach bug. After 48hrs of it not letting up I would call your OB and see if there is anything you can take or they can call in for you. Just remember to try to stay hydrated!

Contact your doctor, so many things this could be. Might be nothing, might be something small, might be serious.

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I’ve been like that since yesterday, even passed out. I hate feeling this way :face_vomiting:

I had severe diarrhea from 7 months on… they called it pretty labor diarrhea… mine didnt go away until after my baby was born… its awful

Sounds more like gastro

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Sounds like you may have gotten a vurus.

You should really really tell your dr about this, in case something is wrong with you or your baby…

Just sounds like food poisoning to me I didn’t do none of that when I was pregnant with my daughter or my son

I was doing that for a week and went to my appointment 2 days later and I was dilated to a 3 and had my baby the next day. But everyone is different you could be sick