What are the signs of labor?

38 weeks and 4 days pregnant and can’t stop going number 2. Does that mean I could be getting close?


Yes. I did this with my 3rd and 4th child starting the day of labor.

Definitely could. Happened to me with my 2nd pregnancy!!

Yes it does. Your body is prepping!

They say that your body cleans itself out before labor to make room for the baby to move down and come out. Good luck and congrats. I still have 25 weeks to go lol

Yes that’s part of your body getting ready for the big day!:wink:

Yes lovely, good luck x

Yep, your body is gearing up for labor :grin: good luck in bringing your bundle of joy in the world!

Yesss. Happened to me the day before I had my oldest.

I just thought it happen towards the end as I haven’t stopped being able to since 30 weeks and I’m only 34 weeks now and I’m going at least four times a day :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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Yep, get ready and I wish you the best life has to offer.:heart:

Yes wont be long you have your baby

I dont think so. I’ll be 36 weeks on Friday and I’ve been like this for a weeeeeekk… and doc just checked my cervix yesterday and it was still closed. :disappointed:

Not really. Im 40 weeks been pooping every time I pee and nothing is progressing.

I had leg pains and cramps the night before I went into labor

Yep the day my water broken i gone and couldn’t stop. Lol glad to say loud and proud i didn’t poop on the table!

I’m 36+5, been going for number 2 for the past three days. Does it mean I’m close to labour too?