What are the signs of menopause?

I need some help. I’m a 46 yr old woman. I think I’m going through the beginning of menopause but unfortunately every woman around me has not experienced it due to surgery. I used to be able to set a clock to my period. For example… I got pregnant on a Thursday… Missed my period a week later. 3 days after missed period, positive pregnancy test. So now. I have had my tubes tied for 21 years. But in the last 6 months or so. My period comes every 3 weeks. But in the last month, I have a 2-4 hour period at least once a week between my regular periods. Is this a part of menopause? Cus I’m ready for menopause LoL I just don’t know if I need to talk to a Dr. Thanks


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of menopause?

Go see your doctor just to be on the safe side.

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Probably perimenopause… Menopause is when you dont have a period for 12 months


With menopause my periods stopped completely all of a sudden…

Heard Walgreens sells a test to see if you’re going through it

Mine stopped out of the blue been in menopause abt 8 months now

Best advice see your Doctor-always good to rule things out. I started hot flashes, mood swings at 38-saw my Dr. and yep early onset.


Of course you should talk to dr. Bleeding can also mean other things


That sounds exactly what I went through, I assumed it was menopause. It isn’t (in my case) make an appointment with your doctor…

Always get checked out if you can. There is always more than one cause. Best to rule things out by the medical professionals

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menopause was the worst 2 weeks of my life night sweats were the worst but i didnt have hot flashes like my friends i had cold flashes i could be freezing when it was 80 degrees so i guess the symptoms are different for everyone, my periods just stopped when i was 54 then once a year on my birthday i would have a 3 day period and that happened 3 years in a row, then it was like my body said haha just kidding and i never had another one im 69 now and still have the cold flashes and im always freezing even at 90 degrees otherwise no symptoms at all…good luck

Call your Dr. They can do blood tests to see how far along you are. There are 3 stages.
Peri menopause.
Post menopause.
It takes 10yrs to complete.
I would also suggest getting a Vitamin Panel.
I would treat it naturally.
I use ashwagandha for my hot flashes and mood swings.

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Yep you are beginning peri menopause. But don’t get excited to be done just yet. My periods started coming every 3 weeks (super common in the first stages) at about age 44. I’ll be 50 in July and they are just now (past year) starting to be skipped for months at a time. Peri can last for 10 years

See a doctor! Menopause and pre menopause your periods get farther apart. Bleeding in between is a sign of cancer or cysts.

I will be 49 in July, my period completely stopped when I was 40 but I’ve not had any other signs or symptoms of having menopause. So far it’s been a win win for me.

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I watched my mom go through meno pause hers wasn’t to bad thankfully.
Hers was quick one day she had it the next 2 months then she was good she still has hot flashes time to time. Just talk to you’re Dr about everything but def sounds like menopause to me.
I’ve seen 3 women go through it not fun.

You know your body better than anyone, including doctors. If something seems “off” don’t assume anything. Go see a gynecologist. Period. No pun intended. Lol

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i had ahard time figuring myself at 48 now fifty i know this much 1 whole year with out a period into menapause before this my periods were crazy they were there then none and when there crazy heavy i had to have some removal of fibroids too. talk to your dr. about for more info . i wasnt fixed so im going natural course . but my mom was fixed early 40s plus had too.

it really sounds like it, Everyone has different signs & symptoms, I got my Hot Flashes 5 yrs prior & now almost 19 yrs later still have those :slightly_frowning_face: But when started to go menopause, my periods just stopped completely & after not having them for one full yr, I was in menopause. I have had friends who, when they started will get a half ass period, next month nothing then the following next 2 months they were normal & this went one until they stopped completely And everyone is different. And I do hope you see your GYN every yr, if not, call & see him/her.

Could mean anything I would see a doctor

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Could be something else. Get checked out.

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I think they can test u to see where ur at with menopause

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Same, I had a tubal 17 years ago and my menstral was always on point down to the day, it was like clock work… then back in July I went 79 days w no period… but when it came let me tell you it came back with a vengeance…. To where I had to use a pad, a tampon and a disk at the same time and I would still get dirty with in an hour… that happened for a couple of months lasting about 7 days like that. And for the last 3 months my period is very light but one day yes, one day no for a week. I see my dr next month to check my hormone levels as I just turned 40.

Yes you need to go to a doctor.

Yes sounds like start of perimenopause . Only meno pause when you don’t bleed for a full yr. And I have same symptoms. Irregular bleeding . Hot flashes , mood swings . Loss of sex drive . Leg cramps . But always decuss with Dr. There maybe options . I’m just dealing .

I know what you mean, I’ve had my tubes tied for 16 years, I’m 49 and all out of whack, I go months without it then boom it comes back with a vengeance, I even bled and spotted for 7 months, it’s been a roller coster, I went 8 months with out one then started in September and having one off and on since then, I wish it would just go away… I haven’t seen gyno for years… :woman_shrugging:t2:

sounds like it to me and the age is right relax and enjoy the best is yet to come!!! lol

You ought to be seeing a doctor at least once a year in general. Have you had regular Pap smears? Answer to your question: yes, go to the doctor. Our bodies are complex, and things can go wrong with them that we can’t see.