What are the signs of postpartum depression?

Hey mamas. When did you realize you a ppd? What helped you through it. I’m having a very hard time coming to terms with the fact that I have it. (I do not hurt my little one. )


100%, I got through it by seeking help from my doctor. I was so nervous and ashamed of the stigma initially. But I would have been a lot worse off if I hadn’t gotten help from my doctor.

Sending you so much love and light mama. :two_hearts:

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Talking with someone! Sharing your thoughts and feelings with an unbiased therapist really helped to get my mind right and set me in the right direction! Also making time for exercise has also helped a lot!

Do not be ashamed to reach out and ask for help! You are not alone :blue_heart:

Luckily I have never had ppdbut known a lot of ppl who have. It’s really rough they say and hard to admit. Talk to your doctor and make sure you have a good support system. From someone that has had a really bad experience with depression I know the struggles.

I realized I had PPD when I wanted to harm myself. When my thoughts were spent trying to “fix things” for my family by eliminating myself as their biggest burden.

Well acknowledging you have it is an awesome first step (I know some people who refused to accept that they have it) second, it’s completely normal and just talk to your Dr., Significant other and family and friends and to Mom’s on groups like this one. It will get better momma :kissing_heart:

You are not alone. I suffered from PPD twice with both my little ones. More women experience it than you think, but most will not accept it. Call your doctor today and set up an appointment. Go over your thoughts and feelings. Talk to your significant other. I joined a PPD group on facebook and that helped tremendously. You will get through this. It will get better!

I didn’t think I had it, my fiance’s mother however kind of brought it on for me (we no longer associate with her). She would always tell me my son didnt love me he only loved her, he cried for me when alone with me because he wanted her, I didnt do things the way she did that’s why he didn’t love me, this all started THE day she drove us home from the hospital (our car was down at the time) and continued until we cut ties with her when my son was 10 months old. I seemed help from a therapist and psychiatrist because I was already on medications from my family doctor that just weren’t working because I had a preexisting issue with PTSD depression and anxiety so meds alone didnt cut it I needed to talk about it with someone too. My fiance would listen, but he just didn’t necessarily underatand/know how to respond so then wed argue because he wouldn’t respond hed just sit quietly listening and I always said he wasn’t even listening. It was tough but almost 2 years later I’m doing good.

Medication is how I got through it. See your doctor, there is help available

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I didn’t have it with my daughter but second time around I did with my son. I was so edgy and irritable and I thought it was normal with two kids under 3. It’s not. I went and talked to my OB and then went to my general physician. Got on medication and was doing great, I stopped taking my medication about 2 months ago (my son was born in October). I’ve been ok ever since.
My family noticed a change in me first and said something, I came to the realization I needed help so I got it ASAP. Everyone’s different. But I would def talk to all your doctors and get a handle on it now. I didn’t want to think I had it but I knew I needed to get it under control for the sake of my kids and also my own sanity. So many women go through it and just don’t talk about it so don’t think your alone or the only one!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: good luck

I am still going through it. I talked to my mum first then went through the doctors. Im on antidepressants now and have just finished my counselling. I feel so much better about everything now. There is nothing to be ashamed of and talking is the best thing

Not all that have PPD hurt their babies. So that’s good news for you :slightly_smiling_face:
I realized it somewhere around 1 month after delivery. I had it very bad and my husband even says I haven’t been the same since. It changed me. That was 2004. It’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Admitting it and accepting that something has got to be done is the best thing that you can do for you, baby & family. Talk to your doctor. Trust me, they hear it A LOT and know exactly what to do to help you. Cause right now you’re not at 100% and they’ll get you back up there to it where you need and want to be :heart:

Talk to your dr and see if you need any kind of medication. For me It took a while to realize. I had no energy. I just felt like I was in a slump and always tired. I took care of my son just fine but after he had what he needed I was just kinda here. Everyone is diff. But for me I finally admitted to my husband I needed something. I wasn’t happy. I started going to the gym and making time for myself. My husband said I could try that and if I didnt seem like it was helping then we were going to the dr. So far just staying active and having a moment to release stress has been good for me. But I’m not against talking with someone or getting medication if need be.

I’ve been going through PPD since about 1-2 months pp. I’m now 7 months pp and I just started seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist.

I had PPA. I wouldn’t let my LO out of my sight and still don’t like being away from her even for a couple hours. I even took a job where she could come to work with me. Silly I know especially since she’s my 4th. But there’s 17 years between her and my last one.

I had it with my first son. What helped me was talking to ppl around me and getting out of the house for a lil while without baby. Like doing a lil shopping, or going for a walk alone. Or even bring lil one along too just getting out the house helped me.

Its all in ur mind i cried n cried my bf told me hes never heard me cry like that i just kept saying its not cause of my bby im just so sad n once i realized it was because of all my hormones i was good but everyones diffrent u realize it so do something about it like talk it out with someone n the feelings will pass

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of postpartum depression?

Talk to someone outside of your family, maybe someone at the park or work and ask for help at baby’s next check up if you are not going to your doctor. They can point you in the right direction!

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post partum is a very very real thing and should not be surpassed as “over reacting” i gave birth to my little 3 months ago, and it gets really hard. maybe speak to a counselor you can talk to over zoom or phone call? also, find your scape goat. when i need a break i run myself a bath and read a book. then i just think about my emotions. find yours! whether it’s a hike, getting your nails done, going to the range, going to bed earlier, etc


Straight up, it’s depression, not wanting to do anything. Not wanting to deal with the baby too much. Not wanting to eat much, nightmares- weird intrusive nightmares where reality is questionable. Meh. Not fun.


Drink lots of water if you’re breastfeeding. I recommend researching about it. There is a lot to know about Postpartum and it can be very serious.

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I was scared to speak to my Dr because I didn’t want them to think I was an unfit mother. I was in denial about it as well… but the only way is to talk to someone who isn’t family. They can guide you as well as just help you vent and see from a different POV


you have won 1/2 the battle!!!


Please talk to your doctor asap! Many women suffer from postpartum depression and there is treatment for it. I had it with both of my children and got help right away and everything worked out fine. I had to take an antidepressant but it really worked on reducing my symptoms. My family isn’t the most supportive and neither were the children’s dad but they are ignorant. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I hope you feel better soon.


Go to your doctor. You’re right it is so common. Hugs mama.

Don’t use prescriptions with breast feeding. Your baby will be taking it too.
My husband became depressed. He was talking about suicide and I read that Vitamin D3 is a natural antidepressant. I gave him 2 a day because his Dr said he was deficient in D. He was soon doing better and getting out and enjoying himself. He never mentioned suicide again. I still give him 1 a night as it helps with sleep. God bless.


Talk to your doctor.
For everyone is different, but it’s a very real thing that can be treated. I remember having it hit me in waves. One minute i was overwhelmed and the next I’d be hyper-fixated on cleaning something, then the next I’d be exhausted.
It’s absolutely okay not to be okay. :heart:

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Follow Earthley and mama natural…I like Earthley product Nurture her naturally…it’s for postpartum and balancing hormones …

Low vit d can cause depression and a host of other things and common this time is year to be low. Your doctor can test it and can check for PPD which is quite common.

If you ask, you should talk to someone.

my Dr had a questionnaire after my 6 week check up, depending on the answers and how I was feeling was how they determined if I had it or not. I ended up being put on zoloft. just recently started weaning myself off of it but I may need to continue with it

You have half won the battle you have acknowledged it and now u are reaching out.
Speak to your gp and see a therapist.

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I’m proud of you for reaching out!! You are not alone!! Please reach out to your doctor. There is nothing wrong for asking for help


Taking Zoloft and having someone you trust who you can talk to helped me. Going out on walks. If you drive, take a drive and turn on your favorite music and just drive for a bit around town and cruise and unwind a bit. Taking care of a baby is hard enough so I understand not wanting to do anything for yourself. It WILL get easier. Don’t let your mind trick you. We are built for this. You’re strong mama!! Hang in there. Remind yourself this too shall pass.

You should talk with your doc. So many go through this and it’s ok. They can help you with this. I hope you feel better soon.


U need to talk to u doctor they can help you

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I never knew I had until family and friends started noticing it and then one night I became suicidal so I volunteered my self to stay at the local pavilion to get help and that’s when they diagnosed me with chronic depression I am in a much better place but a lot of the times we don’t know or want to admit it ourselves.

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Definitely make an appointment with your doctor. Postpartum depression can get very serious very fast


I had postpartum anxiety pretty strongly. For a while i did not get on meds, but whem I finally gave in and went on sertraline it changed my life. It also made me feel a lot happier and I became a mich better mother. I took that while breastfeeding. The best thing for you and your baby is talk to your doctor. It is so hard having a nee baby and when you feel anxious or down it males everything so much harder and not as enjoyable as it should be. One of the vest fecisions I ever made was to get help for that.


Have a friend come over, sometimes you’ll be surprised who’s in your corner. Talk, laugh, coffee. It will be ok, if you’re having more trouble, seek a therapist, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s healthy and will help keep you at your best. Good luck to you. You got this.

This is normal for a young mum, and every first time mum, is your partner there with you to help with your emotions your not overthinking it’s normal it will take time for your body to settle back into normalcy remember birthing a baby puts your body into some sort of shock so we will have this reaction, tiredness, emotional, frustrated, and sometimes the feeling of failure. When you feel like this remind yourself you have created a life that has grown inside of you for 40 weeks, it’s hard work . The prize is your beautiful baby and enjoy every moment with your baby because they grow up so fast… your not alone if you feel you need to help am sure your doctor will put you onto the right people. But if you need a friend who has experienced same symptom s as you talking about it with each other…

Make a follow up appointment with your doctor. I had it after both my kids but my symptoms were vastly different both times. They deal with this probably more often than you think and are there to help get you back to feeling yourself


I would schedule an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor can help you! Postpartum depression, anxiety, rage, etc is SO real. Just know that you aren’t alone :yellow_heart:


Could be ppD or may as well be how you feel after having a baby (like crap) i barely got out of bed for 6 weeks with my first. Make sure to go take baby on walk,listen to music, see if you can get a massage at sometime or whatever works for you. You can also try a good quality CBD oil i ised that while nursing for diff reasons but it helps depression, anxiety the vag dryness you get while nursing and it even helped libido!!!
Good luck

Call your doctor, medication will def help

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Mine was the worst at 3 months after baby. After I acknowledged I wasn’t feeling right and had a problem I found a doctor who would listen and did a cheek swab to see what medications would work best. It’s important you find a doctor you like and one that will listen. After I went on my medications I felt so much better. I did have to stop breastfeeding however but you need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of that little one if that makes sense. Just know you are not alone and their are people who will listen and to talk too.

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PPD looks different for everyone. For me, it was a detachment from reality. I withdrew from everyone and really didn’t care about anything or anyone. The only person I really acknowledged was my two year old. I didn’t want to hold my newborn, I didn’t really even want to be near him. I was constantly unhappy, not really sad, just miserable and so angry. I didn’t tell anyone and, noone noticed either. I just suffered in silence thinking something was completely wrong with me. It is normal and you should definitely reach out to someone you trust. The only thing that saved me was I got pregnant less than 3 months after my baby was born, so my hormones sort of balanced themselves out. So I was back to my “normal” self without intervention. Do not be afraid to reach out for help, it is there.

You are a great Mom for being proactive. It is So hard. Talk to Dr. asap. I was afraid to tell anyone and could have been so much healthier if I did. I couldn’t swing it but consider a PP Doula if you can. You deserve to feel good and enjoy this time. You deserve all the Love. Momin’ is hard! Keep going and look forward to feeling so much better.:heartbeat:

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Talk to your doctor, my little boy is also 3 months and I have a 3 year old and I just told her I get overwhelmed so easily and I was prescribed Sertraline while breastfeeding.

Don’t be ashamed. This is 100% normal! I dealt with it after having my daughter and it took my husband mentioning something and explaining that it was clearly serious and that we didn’t want our girl blaming herself one day. Talk to a friend, a doctor, or a therapist (or all 3) there is help out there and taking care of yourself helps you take care of your baby better. :heart: With all of the changes that happen after you become a mother, hormonal, lifestyle, body image etc… I think a lot of people suffer in silence, and that’s the worst thing you could do for yourself.
Good luck mama, you’ve got a whole bunch of people backing you through this journey, even if we don’t know who you are! :kiss::heart:

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usually PPD starts around 6 wks, Baby Blues is before that, or right after a baby is born. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t feeling something now, Talk to your GYN, Plus being tired with a new baby, even a 3 month old baby isn’t a bad thing, it is normal, It is a baby you are caring for & it can be exhausting, So please don’t knock yourself for that

Call your OB/GYN. It could be you could use some meds or some counseling to get you through it.

Never had postpartum with any of my kids

Best thing is to get help.

You are so ahead of the game here, years ago after my 4th child I went through it really bad but I didn’t know what I was going through, just was so sad,all the time and even had suicidal thoughts but the thought of leaving my children kept me here…it finally got better but I wish someone had told me to see my doctor! I’m sure there is meds for this phenomenon…God Bless!

Speak to your Dr, Wishing your well 🫶🏼

You need to seek medical attention asap

You’re being an amazing mother for reaching out. I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety and it impacted not just my life but others around me. Please seek medical attention and reach out to trusted relatives who can help you with childcare. Again, you deserve enormous credit for your self-awareness and sense of responsibility and I hope your loved ones step up to the plate to support you. Sending you healing and positive vibes, Queen :heart:

Get to your OB/GYN!!! No sense in going through this when help is available!!

Sounds like postpartum to me. Talk to your doctor!