What are the signs of pregnancy?

:exclamation:!! I see my doctor for a birth control appointment tomorrow !! :exclamation:

I just had my son almost three months ago now. I breastfed for about a month (still leak now and again but he’s lactose intolerant and my production is too low to breastfeed) I haven’t gotten my period back since having him and my fiancé and I have had sex but never unprotected! I’m obviously not on hormonal birth control but we’ve used condoms every single time. I had an intestinal infection early July and I don’t know if that would have anything to do with my symptoms but I’m scared to death of being pregnant :joy: a couple weeks ago my doctor freaked me out so I took a test then and it was negative and see them again for a pregnancy test before birth control implant in my arm. I’ve been bloating like crazy and I’ve noticed I’m smelling so much more lately !! I never had any symptoms with my son that would point out being pregnant but I’m scared out of my mind !! Has anyone else had bloating/pain/gas and been more bothered by smells after giving birth ?? I’m soo paranoid about this !!


I also use condoms as my protection and haven’t gotten on birth control just yet but every time after I had my children I would always have a weird hormonal imbalance and have to go to the doctor to get on birth control to straighten it out cuz I have my. 3 months apart or right after one another like it’s supposed to and then have another space to where I work and have one for 5 months it always scared me that I was pregnant because of that and I was buying test back to back to make sure that we wasn’t you may just have a hormonal imbalance and birth control will straighten it out