What are the signs of pregnancy?

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I had 4 and never had morning sickness or cravings. My thing with all 4 was I couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol. I never drank but their fathers did and that’s how I knew even before I missed a period. Everyone is different though. Best way to find out is to take a test.

Missed period, nausea, swollen breasts, mild cramping(sometimes), the feeling of about to start but not starting, fatigue, diversion from certain smells. It’s different for every woman. Best way to know is to take just take a test.


Each pregnancy is different for each person. With my first, the smell of cut grass made me sick. Then second child, never knew until I delivered my son. Third, did not know until six weeks before delivering my second son. No I did not have any signs of pregnancy because of PCOS.

Sometimes you feel like you are going to start your period but never do. Tender nipples and breasts. With this one(my 4th) i felt nausea very early on before i got a positive. I also went from wanting to eat everything to not wanting to eat anything

You obviously mean the early signs. It differs with everyone. Nausea. Tenderness in breast. Hungrier than usual. For me, it was a feeling. I just knew. If you want it, I hope you are. Best to you dear.

My very first signs were 1. Having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and hot hands…touched my first born on the shoulder, maybe before I knew I was pregnant and he said…boy are your hands HOT!!!

Breast tenderness, nausea, missed periods, sensitive to smells, being emotional

The signs of pregnancy are different for every woman and for each pregnancy. Meaning, a woman may feel morning sickness all day every day with a vengeance, the second pregnancy she may have morning sickness for one day only and be nauseous the rest of the time.

My first, I had nausea and a few days of heartburn for 3 weeks. My second I was lethargic due to my thyroid working overtime. My 3&4 was really smooth sailing, no pregnancy symptoms (We lost baby #3 to a stillbirth), and my last child I had major heartburn whenever I ate apples or pears that I craved.

I always had the weirdest 1st sign that would appear even before the point of wondering whether I was pregnant or not… I would gag when I brushed my teeth…and that’s the only time that I would do that…and that symptom stayed with me for the whole pregnancy :persevere:

for me fatigue, a constant need to pee, and then when I woke up and tried to move to fast or too soon I would either get dizzy and be off balance or I would try to faint. But every woman is different. A test is the best way.

Every pregnancy is different. Mostly a missed period is the first thing you notice. Not everyone get sick or extremely hungry. I had two pregnancies and never had morning sickness or had cravings. My husband to force me to eat.

I never had any symptoms. No morning sickness and i even had a period for the first 2 months. Heartburn followed. I had 3 pregnancies this way.

Each one is different. Take a test and see what it says. Good luck :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

With my first pregnancy my first sign was a very strong sense of smell, with my second, I just felt crappy, even after three negative tests I still felt pregnant.

You all need to quit with the sarcasm and rudness. This girl obviously has never been pregnant and is asking advice and this is what you give her? Grow up. I didnt know I was pregnant until I was 11 weeks along. I thought I had a UTI and I still had my period. Everybody is different. Im glad I didnt come here for advice because this page seems to be filled with a lot of judgmental people

With all of mine (4) I had a constant headache and was feeling sick most of the day just take a test to be sure the best of luck

I’m gonna assume this is a teen, like the question earlier about when to take a test. … symptoms of being pregnant differ for everyone. Best thing to do is take a test/see a doctor if you think you are. If this is a teen- don’t panic! Don’t think abortion is the only out. Adoption IS an option. If you are pregnant talk to your parents immediately: don’t try to hide it and do everything by yourself.

Every sign that makes you think your monthly is coming and then it doesn’t…

I had a heightened sense of smell early on…

Falling asleep in the middle of a meal.

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Some of y’all are incredibly rude. :eyes::coffee:


My first sign was fatigue.

Well if you wait long enough your uterus will get really big.

I knew within 2 days of having intercourse the conception of my second. I had that “off” feeling again…scatter brained…

Nausea or not, sore breasts, being tired all the time, appetite changes, mood changes.

Dont always assume with period my mom had hers the whole time she was pregnant with me

Usually you stop having a period and your stomach starts to swell.


I couldn’t drink any type of cola soft drinks…

I started throwing up literally everything I ate.

K couldn’t you google this?

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Sore boobs in the shower

A positive pregnancy test

Nausea sore boobs being hungry

Do you not have Google?

having unprotected sex

Get a pregnancy test !

Having to pee constantly!

My very first sign is I will be ever so slightly dizzy all day every day even before I missed a period. I also would get car sick even if I was the one driving!!

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Eating constantly and throwing up all day and night my whole pregnancy. I lost over 50lbs and the only thing i could hold down was Mt dew

Missed period, breast tenderness, nausea, spotting, so much more orrrr nothing at all

Throwing up trying to brown hamburger and sleeping all the time.

I passed out and lost ten pounds. Every time.

Most likely, the first signs that you are pregnant are whatever it is that you are experiencing that caused you to ask this question. Congrats, I guess!?

Really? Ever hear of Google or a doctor?


I never had any signs accept I missed my period