What are the signs of reflux?

Breastfed Baby question:
Two parter
first- she only seems to want to eat from one side at a time lately. She will still play more than she sucks even if I only feed her one side. Because of this I feed her more often. Instead of 3 hours I feed her very 2 (or if she starts showing hungry signs like turning her head to suck on stuff)

Second- even with only eating from one side she burps up often. Multiple spit ups between one feeding and the next.

Is she possibly showing signs of bad reflux?

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Look at what your eating. Diary and or grains are the likely cause.

Could be a quick let down. Try changing position. It took a little bit of time to get used to, but I had to sit my son up to feed him. Helped a lot.

My son breastfed every 2 hours well past 12 months. That’s normal. As for preferring one side, that could be lots of things. A chiropractor visit can often help that. It could be that the less favored side is uncomfortable to nurse on and a new position on that breast might help. Spitting up is normal, keeping baby upright for at least 20 minutes after feeding helps with reflux but the only part that COULD resemble Reflux here is the spit up. But again it’s perfectly normal even if it does seem like a lot it’s really not most of the time.

Make sure you’re sitting her up for at least 30 minutes after she eats. Make sure she’s feeding at an upward angle not lying down.
I incorporated cereal into bottles recently my bf baby is 3 months old but I feed roughly an ounce from breast first.
It may be reflux however the medicine they gave my little one gave her the runs so I took her off and she’s better with just cereal incorporated 2 times a day into the bottles.
As far as the choosing sides and such I had to try about 12 times to find a position my baby would take to. Be patient keep trying and breathe deep.