What are the signs of teething?

Hey mom’s, I was wondering if any one of y’alls kids ever ran a teething fever. My son has been teething for the past couple weeks on and off and never ran anything higher than 100° even. But today he’s run anywhere between 100° and 102° basically all day…hes got no other symptoms of anything and aside from a 24 hour stomach bug my husband had earlier this week there’s been no sickness around him. Any thoughts? My son is 9 almost 10 months old. Even my parents are stumped and both have been RNs for over 20 years.


Yes my grandson has been teething and he gets fevers around 102

Most kids get a low grade fever when they are teething.

My son got a fever around 102 when he had a molar coming in. Tylenol kept it down and within two days it was gone

My daughter is cutting her back teeth on top and bottom right now. She has ran a 101 fever for the last week on and off

In my experience, a fever over 100 indicates something more than just teething. Could be viral. Watch him for the next few hours and see how he feels tomorrow. Good luck, Mama! -Krista✨

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My kids always run fevers of 100-103 when teething. Depends on which tooth it is for how high it goes.

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Yes. Be very careful as both of my kids and both my nephews have had febrile seizures from fevers.

My daughter gets a fever with every new tooth. I just give her some tylenol. If you ask her pediatrician they ahould be able to tell you how much to give

Question: my son cut his first tooth and is running a low grade fever could it be another coming in right away?

My son often got fevers of 100-101 range during teething. We just monitored him to see if it got any higher.

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my doctor told me anything over 101 is not a teething fever


Yes. My kids will usually get a slight fever, and diarrhea that leaves a diaper rash almost instantly right before a tooth pops through

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Yes. I rotated with motrin and tylenol four hours from each time and checking every two. Yes I was that mom because it was my first born and I was scared out of my mind.

Anything over 101 is not teething

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just keep him comfortable and ride it out

Could be flu or anything. I would take him to get checked but that’s just me.

Every time the teethed they got a fever. Baby Motrin and popsicles

My son ran a 103° temp on his 1st birthday. When I brought him in to Urgent Care they told me it’s cuz he was teething

Yes… both of them. If it gets over 101…Dr time!

Yes they will get fevers when they are teething use baby Motrin it works the best

My daughter did just give baby tylenol as needed n give him something to teeth on

Yes it’s normal, my son cut his first tooth before he was 3 months old and at 5 months old he had 5 teeth. Some of his teeth he ran 103 with, he is now 17 months old and had 18 out of 20 teeth. He is currently cutting in the last 2 teeth and has been running fever off and on. My dr told me to gi e him tylenol and when hes running an actual fever to rotate tylenol and motrin. Yes I have takin my baby to be checked multiple times.to make sure nothing else was going on

I would make a “sick visit” with the pediatrician to be safe. My youngest had strep twice without any symptoms and my oldest had an ear infection without any symptoms (they are 2 & 5. ) Anything over 100.4 is considered to be an illness fever which is why most daycares and preschools have the 100.4 rule to keep your kids home. Sometimes that co-pay at the Drs office is more for peace of mind.

All 4 of my kids got a fever with teething