What are the symptoms of ADHD?

I believe my baby girl has ADHD she nearly 4 and had outburst of tempers and anger …I’m in the process and have made appointments to get her seen by a hental health professional but in the mean time while we wait it’s been really hard …I’ve tried teas to soothe her …it only helps sometimes, is there anyone who has tried other natural remedies to help with toddler symptoms of ADHD until they got to a dr or therapist. Its very frustrating and it brings me to tears sometimes…it doesnt help that her family on her dads side have embraced the bad behavior in thinking it’s funny and cute …I know I’m an awesome mommy and that I’ve been the one to care for her (her dad has done sh*&) I feel like such a bad mommy sometimes bc she has these outbursts and I have no way of getting then under control…I gave her regular naps and feeding schedule and we are in the go as much as my arthritis will let me …I even take her out side to just run and kick a ball around… She has regular play dates
Times outs and restrictions only go so far