What are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?

Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy? What were your symptoms? I went in for an ultrasound to see how far along I was. They were only able to see the sac. They told me I was very early(thinking I was around 5 weeks) or possible ectopic pregnancy. I’m not having any pain or bleeding. Just very nervous.


I didn’t have any pain until my tube burst. Before that I bled lightly for about 2 and a half weeks. But my periods are weird so I was thinking anything. I wish I would have checked I could have saved my tube.

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I bled heavily around 5 or 6 weeks, and had severe pain in my lower right side. I ended up having emergency surgery and had a tube removed.

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I bled horribly around 4 to 5 weeks. I got lucky though and medicine took care of it. See a obgyn and have your blood counts done daily. If they are doing daily, you are probably ok.

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They should be able to tell if the sac is in the uterus or in the Fallopian tube or elsewhere. I would request to have your hcg levels checked every two to three days to ensure they’re rising properly. That’s the only way I knew about mine, plus some light bleeding.

Cold sweats on and off, severe abdominal pain, stomach pressure & nausea.

They told me I might have one too because they couldn’t see baby but they also said it was normal because I was so early 4-5 weeks. I got to go back in at 8 1/2 weeks and I was able to see her :heart: keep your head up momma!

I had no symptoms, just went for a scan and an hour after the scan I received a call from my doctor telling me I needed to go to hospital.

I bled for almost 2 weeks. Only reason I took a test was because I thought I was miscarrying since I had been bleeding so long and it wasn’t like a normal period… Test was positive right away so I made an appointment with my gynecologist and she did blood work then repeated it 2 days later. My levels went up but didn’t double. So a few days later I had an ultrasound and my uterus was empty. No sac or anything. But they saw the baby in my left Fallopian tube…
I also had pain on my left side and could actually feel where the baby was but I was ridiculously skinny at that time…
If they saw the sac you should be fine. I had my first ultrasound with my son (my rainbow baby, second pregnancy) at around 5w 1d according to my lmp but they didn’t see anything at all. Of course I freaked. I went back 2 weeks later and there he was.
I know with my aunt her first ultrasound only showed the sac and they didn’t say anything about ectopic pregnancy, they just said she was early in the pregnancy…

I had no symptoms… I ended up in the er with bad pain… had an ultrasound and that’s when they found it… she said good thing I came when I did because my tube was about to burst. I had a d&c 2 weeks prior so that’s why they gave me an ultrasound.

Blighted ovum! I had 3! Sac but no baby also could just be early but if this is the case if and when you get pregnant again you will be fine!!! I have 3 kids and each time there was a baby and not just the sac everything was normal! Good luck hopefully just to early but if not it’s ok!!! I got pregnant on my next period after my DNC. Honestly didn’t even feel like a miscarriage because there was never actually a baby. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

This literally just happened to me and they said I was also to early 3-5 weeks or egtopi and now im 9 weeks and going good itsjust a gray period just give it time love​:heavy_heart_exclamation: p.s. they also did this with my second born at 4 weeks its just to early to see but they cant rule out egtopic…:weary: ask for in internal ultrasound they made sure my sac was in uterus to give me some relief before releasing me.

I’ve never had an ectopic pregnancy but I have a bicordant uterus and they had a hard time finding my daughter early on.

If they saw the sac, then they would have immediately noticed the location was in the tube and would have moved to terminate immediately.

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I had severe abdominal pain and started feeling weak and light headed, went to the er and my tube had already ruptured and had internal bleeding so had emergency surgery

Mine was ectopic last month only … i was also just 5 weeks 5 days my HCG also didn’t increase after 2 days … then they decided it’s an ectopic… and I had spotting also … they gave methotrexate :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Pain seriously, ER stat. ectopic after reversal of tubal and that was the end of it for the tube.

No but after I got my tubes tied and managed to still get preggo but ended up miscarrying. They were scared it was ectopic.

I hear they are incredibly painful. My manager told me her experience and said she bled a lot. I think it’s good that they saw a sac at 5 weeks. You should see babies heart beat in the next week! I’m in the same boat momma. This is my third and they told me my hcg was too low. And that I was having a chemical pregnancy. Now my OB says everything looks great. It’s hard not to stress

If they seen the sac is they seen the sac where was it located in the uterus or the fallopian? And it’s painful…bad string in the front… Not like cramps… Like pulled muscles… The excruciating lower back pain and you’ll definitely know somethings not right

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I had one and spotted and that was about a week that when on.the night I went to hospital I was in alot of pain and very pale. If it gets really bad get to hospital

Really bad pains and bledding

I had gone in at 5 weeks once, made me go back 3 wks later because it was too soon before and found the heartbeat. Could just be too early.

The pain started like a cramp really uncomfortable but progressively got worse and stayed on one side, after a scan the doctor confirmed it was an eptopic pregnancy. I was completely drained extremely pale, really sore shoulders to the point I couldn’t lift my arms above my head and couldn’t do normal day to day activities, I was admitted in to hospital just after the scan and within hours I was in surgery having the tube removed because it had ruptured, try and stay calm and just pay attention to any sort of shifting cramp especially if it stays on the one side and of course bleeding.

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I was having the same problem but I went in today for an ultra sound and they showed me a little flickering heart beat but they said I’m too early to see how far along I am

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Different symptoms for different people. Mine died in my tubes yet I still turned up a positive test. No bleeding, had abdominal pain, no leaks or fluid. I just felt weird.

They thought that for my last two boys. It’s still early. They freaked me out both times and I was worried but after I went in at 8 weeks they saw that everything was fine. Just stay positive and remember 5 weeks is very early to see everything. Just take your prenatals and wait to get another ultrasound at 8 weeks. :heart:

I had a blighted ovum which means sac but no fetus is growing .all the pregnancy symptoms are there but no baby grows. I had to have a d&c to take everything out

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I started bleeding 2 weeks after my period and for some reason something inside told me to take a pregnancy test so I did and it came out positive. Went to the Dr and turns out I was about 5 weeks pregnant and sac was in my tube and not in uterus. Bled for about over a month but no pain and tube hadn’t ruptured. Took methotrexate to terminate it because it was either that or surgery. First shot didn’t take care of it and I ended up in emergency room but it was a false alarm because the liquid they found leaking in my cervix was from a cyst and not an eruption of my tube. I was offered to do the surgery at that moment or take another shot of methotrexate with the risk that If the shot didn’t work again my tube could rupture since sac was still growing. I’m terrified of surgery so I went with the shot and luckily it worked. Took about 3 months to get rid of the pregnancy completely :pensive:

Just keep an eye out for bleeding or cramping.

I was 5 weeks with my first ultrasound and the same thing, just the sac. I am now 19 weeks tomorrow, if there is no pain or bleeding try not to worry too much!

I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Severe cramping, back pain that radiated down my leg. I was sent home twice before a different doctor finally took me into emergency surgery. I had a liter of blood removed from my abdomen and lost a Fallopian tube and almost my life. I was almost 10 weeks.

I had a blighted ovem. I made it to 3 months or 12 weeks. Then it passed just like a miscarriage.

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As weird as it sounds I had pain in my bum hole. ended up bursting worst pain ive ever been in.

I had no pain. But I was bleeding (hemorrhaging). I went to ob/gyn. He did a urine pregnancy test, that was negative. He sent me for blood pregnancy test, that was positive. He called and said “you are pregnant somewhere, we will need to find it”. They did a scope and found it in my left fallopian tube. Went in immediately and surgically removed it before it burst. Dr. Said it was about 3 months old.

Symptoms include sore tummy, bleeding, shoulder tip pain.
You can find more info in the link below.

It started as light cramping around week 4 and nausea and then at 6 weeks I woke up with horrible pain and cramps. Pain so bad I could barely move. By that point my tube had already ruptured and I had been bleeding internally over night.
Best thing to do is ask for an internal ultra sound…

I had an ectopic in my tube. It was the most excruciating pain I have ever been in.

Woke up one morning feeling like my tummy needed to work. Went to the loo but nothing happened. All of a sudden intense pain. Crawled back to my bed and hubby said “Doctor”. Went to the medical Centre and Dr phoned my surgeon (had many abdominal surgeries) went in, tried x rays, they suspected bleeding ulcers, fainted, emergency surgery, 2 and a half litres of blood gone. Tube burst. Was 7 weeks pregnant. Oh and I had udi inserted 2 years prior, was supposed to be for 5 years. My other tube was covered in cysts so said I had a 3% chance of having another baby. 2 yrs later my daughter was born healthy and happy. Had the remaining tube tied after her

Top signs would be pain on one side only of your lower abdomen and severe shoulder pain. I had one and my only sign was a dull pain on my lower left side of my abdomen. No bleeding and the pain wasn’t bad just nagging so I knew something was wrong. They never saw anything in the uterus

I had no symptoms. Was going about my day as normal and then all the sudden I had very sharp pains in my lower abdomen. I’ve never felt anything like it, couldn’t stand up. Tried to push through because I had to be at work… yea that didn’t work out. I went home and laid down until I could call my Dr. The next morning… Apparently my tube had ruptured and that was all the pain but I wasn’t bleeding externally… with a vaginally ultrasound they were able to tell what was going on and I had to have emergency surgery because I was bleeding internally. I would definitely ask for a vaginal ultrasound if they suspect it, you don’t want to wait too long and rupture. You can literally bleed to death and not know. My doctor was surprised I didn’t, somehow it clotted - I’m guessing bc I laid still long enough but it was scary.

I had one in 2017 that was Mis-Diagnosed as a Missed Miscarraige so Be Careful as i had ZERO of the “Regular” Symptoms… No Shoulder-tip Pain, No Bleeding nothing!
Went for an early scan, they couldn’t see anything & my blood hgc were going up but not Doubling… they gave me 3 options -
Wait & See (give my body 2 wks to naturally “Lose” it)
Take a tablet to make it come away,
Surgery (D&C)
I decided to Wait&See and on day 11 i called up to say i was fed up waiting & booked myself in for the D&C…

On the day of surgery i went for a routine scan to see if there was anything else, sonographers face went white… called for a 2nd opinion… then confirmed Ectopic… had a lot of internal Bleeding so Surgeon wouldnt give me the Methotrexate and told me i wasnt leaving the hospital as i’d pass out with all the blood “Loss”…

He told me he could have me down to surgery & back up to recovery in 45 mins… i was on his table 2.5 hours!
Had a ruptured tube, that had a Clot the size of a Tennis Ball next to it in my pelvis, the tube had stuck to it & was just sitting pissing blood at it… he said i must have a high pain threshold because i “Should have been on my hands & knees crawling” an then i needed a blood transfusion… im lucky to be here typing this! Xxx

Your doctor should have been able to see if it was ectopic at 5 weeks on an ultrasound. Only seeing a sac early on in five weeks is about normal. Within the next week the fetal pole and the heartbeat will start. If you start having really bad cramping and pains down low then I would go get checked out but some cramping is normal for this time in your pregnancy


Slight spotting and pain inside my bottom

I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was fine, went to my 12 week appt told me the heartbeat was very faint… that night I woke up in the middle of the night in pain and bleeding profusely. I drove myself to the er(i was living with my mom and she wasn’t speaking to me because of the out of wedlock pregnancy…little did she know this baby was the product of sexual assault.) When I walked into the er I was pale and had blood running down my legs. The person qt the front desk noticed and immediately without saying anything ran for a wheel chair. As the chair was pushed under me I fainted into it. My sister met md at the er. She was on the phone with my mother when the doctor walked in and said it was a good thing I came in when I did or my mother would have found me dead within an hour. (My mother didn’t believe me that I was going to the er) I felt fine up until the night of the miscarriage. The doctor never noticed at my previous appointments that my pregnancy was ectopic.

I had an ectopic pregnancy the pain is unbearable one side of my body was so painful kept spewing all the time difficulty breathing unfortunately for me my left tube ruptured I had to have surgery to remove it

They told me the same thing amd to come back in 2-3 weeks. Everything was fine.

I had an ectopic pregnancy but was mis diagnosed with a miscarriage. I had bleeding and I had bleeding. Due to the misdiagnosis unfortunately my tube ruptured and it is bery painful.

I had bad period like cramps and bleeding. Then found out I was bleeding internally. I lost 2 babies and my right tube.

I personally just had an ectopic pregnancy rupture and underwent emergency surgery 3 weeks ago. My mil is a nurse and a little over a week before it ruptured she tried telling me to go to the er because of the symptoms i was having she said she thougjt i was experiencing an ectopic pregnancy but I didnt listen. My symptoms and from what she and my dr I just dealt with told me are common symptoms were pain in the anal/rectum area that makes it uncomfortable to sit(for me it was almost like a pain ive experienced from constipation) ir hurt to sit at all I voudlnt bare it, also pressure in my lower abdomen and vaginal area. The day it ruptured i was perfectly fine all morning till about 12pm I went to go to the bathroom and after i went i got dizzy so i got on the floor so I wouldnt fall (ive had passing out spells for years so knew to get down), once down i got severely hot like I stripped all my clothes off in the bathroom i got so hot and i couldnt yoller for anyone because of the sharp stabbing like pain in my lower lect abdomin area. Then came horrible shoulder pain, and hardness of breathe, whoch comes from the ruptured tube and the blood from it pushing your intestines up in your stomach to the point everything just gets achy. I really wish someoen had told me to watch for shoulder pain sooner because id experienced shoulder pain for about 3 weeks on and off before mine ruptured and i just thought it was from how I slept or something. I had no idea about it what so ever, no idea i was even pregnant at all until i was rushed to the er with low blood pressure (50/30) and rupturing typically happens anywhere between 6-8 weeks, can be emsooner or later thats just the average time period, and the dr told my mil if she had got me there any later I more than likely wouldnt have made it home to my 3 yr old son. I got very lucky to have a nurse who knew just what to watch for and look for and do in the situation. And luckily youre aware of being pregnant and have drs working with you on it. I ended up losing my left tube, recieving 3 units of blood due to how much i lost, and spent the weekend in the hospital. I luckily didnt lose my left ovary with the tube, and do have my right tube and ovary as well so I can still get pregnant later on if I wnat to, just may be a little more difficult and i have to go see my obgyn for fertility meds to help ensure fertility due to it. Im dissappointed due to it being my second loss in 3 months after trying for 2 years and being the only 2 times ive gotten pregnant. But at the end of the day i am alive and well and home with my son who needs me. I hope and pray all works out for you!

I had an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy and almost died. Didn’t even know I was pregnant until I went to the hospital. Was sent home as they had no ultrasound tech at the hospital on the weekend. Was told to go home and come back Monday unless the pain got worse. Went back at 3 am. Told the nurses I was in earlier, was pregnant and in pain. Made an off hand comment that my shoulder really hurt and they all went into crisis mode. Was whipped into a room and given An IV while they called the surgical team in. Was having emergency surgery at 5:30. Stomach full of blood as my fallopian tube and ovary exploded. Not a great experience.

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I had ectopic rupture all my symptoms where that of a normal pregnancy apart from light bleeding and the odd little cramp pain. i went for a scan and bloods took the scan showed no baby but bloods showed pregnancy I was told I had lost the baby and to go back hospital in 48hr for another blood test by then it was to late I had to ring for ambulance as I couldn’t move at all!!the pain was something else!!! I ended up passing out due to the pain and the internal bleeding . Ambulance came my partner explained hospital said I had miscarriage but I was sure it was ectopic took me and my partner over half hour to convince them I needed hospital and fast! Worst experience iv ever had. Wouldn’t wish it on no1 :pleading_face: