What are the symptoms of being 33-weeks-pregnant?

Mornin’ mamas. FTM here, and I’m 33 weeks pregnant today (finally.) and I’ve noticed that a lot of times in the morning when I get to work, I have zero energy. I get dizzy easily, out of breath, my limbs feel like lead, and I have to force myself to keep going and not just topple over. I’m drinking as much water as I can, I don’t do the bad stuff like drink and smoke, and I do this every day. I keep walking and going even on my off days. Even after getting 7 or 8 plus hours of sleep I’m still exhausted when I start moving for the day. I sit down and rest when I can and sit in the air conditioning, but I still feel tired sitting here. It’s taking so much energy to just rest my arms on a table in front of me and type this. What he heck is going on and what can I do. I know it’s getting further in the pregnancy and I should expect to be tired, but I’m way past that point. Help?


Have you had a checkup recently? It sounds as if your iron may be low. Babies take so much of everything from our bodies. It would be worth it to get a blood work up and make sure all your levels are alright.


I agree it sounds like iron, when I had low iron, I would randomly get dizzy be super tired and barely able to function some day, call you doc and ask them to check it.

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I am severely anemic, my iron level was only 6.7 (at 23 weeks) and I ended up with a blood transfusion and multiple iron infusions on top of taking iron supplements everyday, I had the same symptoms so I would definitely push to have your iron checked! I’m 33 weeks also now.

Definitely low iron. I have this post pregnancy and it’s awful. I was anemic while pregnant too and it was even worse. But I wasn’t working then so I had the privilege to sleep whenever I needed. But now I work and it’s worse because I physically can’t make it through the day without even a half hour nap. I’m seeing my dr this week as an iron pill did nothing for me!

I had this happen to me, but I was working a fast paced job and pushing myself a little too hard. I’d be dizzy, and my feet would swell so bad I couldn’t even tie my shoes and had to completely take the laces out. When I was 36wks, we had a safety meeting at work and I was so dizzy my supervisor stopped the meeting to ask if I was ok because I didnt look so good. I ended up pushing through and finishing my shift, but that night my water broke. Id definitely get it checked in case it might be a sign of preterm labor like mine was.

You need to talk to your OB. Get blood work and your blood pressure checked asap.

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I’d definitely call in to your Dr or mention it if your next visit is soon. Sounds like it could be low iron, blood pressure, or blood sugar.

Go see your doctor or call his office about the breathing dizziness issue. That could be a sign of blood pressure issues. The being tired…sorry to say that is normal for this stage of your pregnancy. Just lay down with your feet propped up and rest whenever it’s possible.

yep sounds like high blood pressure

Prenatals and probably not enough calorie intake? I know I get dizzy and tired when I don’t eat enough

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Lay on your left side. Helps with breathing.

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I was the same way and I needed 150 mg of Iron because I was anemic

Definitely consult with your dr. You may just need some B vitamins.

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Your iron levels may be super low. Or it could be your blood pressure. Please mention this to your doctor ASAP

Possibly an iron deficiency. Other than that, sounds like 3rd trimester to me. Almost to the finish line girl, keep pushing on :heart:

You may have low iron. Try eating a small breakfast before work. I was anemic and took iron everyday, along with prenatal vitamins. Also, a small breakfast before work might help.