What are vaccine reactions?

Advice for child who isn’t feeling well after vaccinations?

My baby just got her two-month shots three days ago. Shes my first and I’m not sure if her symptoms are from the shots or If shes possibly an early teether. Shes been fussing, grabbing her ears, her appetite has gone down & shes just been snacking on and off. I’ve tried teethers, a cold wet wash cloth on her gums. Shes just miserable. I’ve been giving her tylenol like her doctor recommended but any tips would be appreciated.


I always switched between Tylenol and Motrin. But with the ear pulling she might be developing an ear infection unrelated to vaccinations


I spaced my boys shots out. Only 2 per visit or one multi dose shot. One of mine had a bad reaction to a multi shot visit. It was easier to pinpoint the issue that way

My daughter is like that after her shots! Besides the ear pulling. She may have a little ear ache. Try a warm wash rag and just hold it on her ear and see if that calms her down! Leg massages help my daughter after she gets her shots. If she tends to want to sleep more than normal like my daughter does after the Dr. Told me to just let her sleep.

Grabbing her ears, I would think possibly an ear infection

She may have an ear infection from teething if she is. My daughter had bad reactions to vaccines early on, so after 2 months I waited until almost 2 years old to get the rest when she can talk to me and tell me what is hurting. Everyone reacts differently so just keep a close eye on her.

You. An give her Tylenol

Read the inserts to the vaccines she received for the complete list of symptoms and reactions. Also tylonel depletes the body of glutathione. There are a lot of government studies on that. Glutathione is essential for the body to fight off and build immunity agaisnt those viruses. So its always best to use motrin instead of tylonol


This time of year both of my boys get allergies. Even if I can’t see the drainage, it gets into their ears and causes ear infections. It also just makes them cranky and off and sometimes gives them a sore throat.

Infant tylenol. If that doesnt help n shes pulling at her ears it could be an ear infection

Pulling on the ears are a sign she might have a ear infection she might need to go the dr for antibiotics.

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Only give Tylenol is she has a fever. My pediatrician told me never to give an infant Motrin before 6 months. But a luke warm bath to calm baby down n if she’s tugging on her ear could be an ear infection. Do you lay her down to feed? Maybe some milk got in her ear. You can also try some Gripe Water to calm fussy baby.


After 3 days, shots symptoms should be going away. I would make her an appt to have her ears looked at. While its not impossible, most babies don’t teeth until later.

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Warm baths and alternate tylenol and motrin. Lots of cuddle times massage the area where the injection was. Also massage the souls of their little feet.

Maybe an ear infection?

Sounds like it could be an ear infection

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Ear pulling is usually associated with fluid behind ears or ear infection. After 3 days I doubt it is from the shots. My son is usually very fussy the day after getting the shots, then he’s completely fine.

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Tylenol and ride it out. You cant give Motrin til 6 months. My daughter started teething at 2 months, and cut them finally at 8 months. However, she acted like your kiddo for a week after her first 2 rounds of shots. She is constantly digging into her ears and grabbing at them. We took her to the dr a couple times and they say her ears are clear. Dr said they can’t “localize” their pain, and will tug at their ears and is completely normal during teething.


Poor babe…but all seems normal after shots. Give her something cold to suck on( a chilled teething ring)

Make sure you don’t give Motrin to a baby that young. They can not have Motrin until they are 6 months old. Give Tylenol as directed by your dr if baby has a fever. If no fever don’t give it. Symptoms from a vaccination should be gone by now. The two month shots were the worst for my daughter. They’re the only ones she really had any kind of symptoms with. If baby is still feeling bad tomorrow call and make an appointment.


Grabbing/pulling ears is an ear infection.


Why do guys keep saying Motrin? Her baby is too young for Motrin. It shouldn’t be used before 6 months.


My pedi for my babies said infant tylenol is okay as long as you dont over do it. But I think you might wanna take baby back to the doctor to make sure she doesnt have an ear infection. (If I get a cold, my infection settles in my ears) so it could be that too. Give her a little bit of tylenol, and call and make an appointment. Hope baby starts feeling better.


My son started teething at 2 months, the doctors actually pointed it out and told me “prepare for hell” lmao. Every time he would get shots he would (seemingly) have more teething related pain, I think it’s just from their immune systems revving and fighting, causing more inflammation in general. Just feed her when she will eat, lots of love, if she doesnt improve by monday I would take her in, or if she gets worse over the weekend call your doc

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Dont give tylenol it stops her body from being able to detox


These are signs of adverse reactions to vaccones.


She may have whatever she was vaccinated for. I always got whatever I was vaccinated for and got hit hard.


Please do not listen to a single person telling you Motrin/ibuprofen!! Babies can’t have that until 6mo!! The fact that baby is grabbing at ears says to me infection but neither one of my boys grabbed their ears for ear infections they just got 102+ fevers and cuddly.

Pulling ears can also be sore throat signsy youngest pulled at his when he had a sore throat everyone around me said he had an ear infection and I kept saying no he sounds different I’m pretty sure it’s just a cold and his throat is hurting. But since everyone but me was saying ears I took him in…WASTED trip!! I was right!! Nothing they could do!! Ugh MommaNurse knows her shit and I don’t doubt myself any longer!!

It’s the vaccines, keep a close eye on her and don’t give Tylenol!


Tylenol, warm baths, and baby massage. Lots of snuggles. It’s tough, her body is trying to beef up her immune system and its alot for a little one.


It could be an ear infection try a warm washcloth

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Ear infection get to Doctor Asap, you need antibiotics.

Don’t give Tylenol. It’s the worst thing you could do. I’d take her to the ER.


If it’s been 3 days it should not be the vaccines. As stated sounds like an infection so go to dr. Also those who say do not vaccinate cause of this or that dont listen. You do what you feel is right mama. If you want to do more research then do it but do not let anyone try and bully you into not vaccinating.


Sounds like teething or possibly a cold. Even if it’s an ear infection you dont always need antibiotics! Let it run its course naturally. Also dont nurse her to sleep or bottle feed. When babe is laying back it’s easy to get fuild trapped back there behind the ears. You can also dip a qtip in rubbing alcohol not peroxide… and put it just inside the ear it helps dry out the ears no rubbing or anything. Old swimmers trick

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Its not abnormal for your baby to feel under the weather for a few days after shots. Her immune system is temporarily compromised while its figuring out what to do with the inactive strain in the vaccination… that’s why they recommend rescheduling if they are already ill. If she’s not feeling better by tomorrow or spikes a high fever (over 100.4), call her pediatrician or take her in to an urgent care as a precaution because she could have caught a bug.

Teething is also a possibility. 2 months is pretty young for the average baby to start cutting teeth, but its not rare either. My son started teething around ten weeks.


Motrin and apple juice and cuddles :blue_heart:

Oh man, you’re a brave soul for even mentioning vaccines on a mom page :sweat_smile: may whoever it is you do or don’t pray to be with you :joy:

Also could totally be teeth or an ear infection. If she isn’t feeling better by tomorrow id take her in just to be safe and get checked out. Prolonged ear infections can cause a lot of problems.


Just because something is common, doesn’t make it normal… those are reactions to the vaccines, please do more research… use your mommy instinct💕


Tugging on ears? Get to Dr, could be ear infection/sinus.

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Take baby to doctor asap they can become dehydrated when they don’t eat

I’d take her to the Dr, it could be in relation to the vaccination or not but just raise your concerns.

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Jessica Ford,stop posting misleading comments, more children died of meningitis because they were not vaccinated, than any possible side effects of all of the vaccines combined,please keep your ideas to yourself


Ear infection get her in to her pediatrician

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I would cease vaccinating until you have done research and are fully confident in your decision.

Demand that they give you the inserts- NOT the information sheet!

You can also find them online.


:mega:DON’T GIVE TYLENOL!!!:mega:
THROW Tylenol in the :wastebasket: where it belongs.


Definitely her teeth… Grabbing her ears could be a sign of an ear infection which can be caused by teething… My son’s been doing the same since about 2 1/2m ans hes about to be 4m on the 23rd… He started having a fever about 2 weeks ago… And puking gave him soke Motrin and he’s been good… But everh so often he’s very fussy… I take one of his wash cloths and wet it and freeze it… Then wet it once its frosen to soften it back up and i let him suck on that and he loves it


It sounds like maybe the start of an ear infection. I’d take her in just to be safe. Is also rotate ibuprofen and Tylenol (if it’s safe per her pediatricians word).

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Please don’t listen to the people giving you shit about vaccinating your baby.
You’re doing a great job projecting your child.

As far as the symptoms goes, most babies get a low-grade fever, irritability, want to sleep and eat less for a day or two after shots. If it persists until Sunday/Monday, I recommend urgent care or baby’s pedestrian.
Rotate Tylenol and Motrin, warm baths, lots of cuddles!

Grabbing her ears may be a sign of ear infection, take her back to the pediatrician and have them check her out, if she does have an ear infection they can give you antibiotics and it will make her feel better, if it’s just general fussiness (because that is common after vaccinations) it will settle your nerves and you will know everything is okay.

Side note, I’ve seen people on here suggest motrin or ibuprofen, DO NOT GIVE IT, ibuprofen is dangerous for babies under 6 months and is not approved before then.

You can ask the pediatrician about giving infant tylonal and what the correct dose would be. We always give that to our littles if they seem fussy after vaccines or with teething. When they are over 6 mo old and can take ibuprofen you can use that and it seems to work better with teething pain.

She might have an ear infection

Definitely all listed side effects from vaccines on the vaccine insert( not the sheet of paper they give, it’s much longer and you have to specifically ask for manufacturers insert). It also sounds like possibly encephalitis from the vaccines😔definitely research vaccines. I wish I would have before I vaccinated my son and he had many issues from them. You can always vax later but you can never take them away once you’ve gotten them and damage occurs.


Tylenol suppresses glutathione, it is not recommended after vaccination as then the body cannot actually detoxify properly. If your doctor is still making that antiquated recommendation find a better doctor


It’s the vaccines, Tylenol depletes glutathione (necessary for removal of heavy metals) & can cause an increased risk of adverse reaction. I hate that doctors recommend it. Sounds like ear infection behavior, I’d get her back to the doctor, it’s a common reaction that many will tell you is coincidental.


Dont give Tylenol…it is bad to mix that with vaccines as it depletes the body of the master antioxidant glutathione. It also has never been tested for safety in children under duress 6 years old. Skin to skin, nursing, love, and sunshine momma. Throw in some lavender scented oil to calm her down. :heart:


crazy to me how so many say absolutely no motrin before six months BUT they’re totally fine with giving baby Tylenol , which has never been proven safe in children under six AND aren’t even questioning all the shots and their lack of safety studies!!


Your child most likely has ear infection call you pediatrician don’t be asking people on fb do you see all the stupidity your getting omg

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Could be an ear infection, which are an extremely common side effect of vaccines (media otitis) chronic ear infections…garlic oil and a chiropractor visit can do wonders …if you’re breastfeeding…put brestmilk directly in the ear…that fixed my son’s in 1 day👍. Also I know that doctors recommend Tylenol (I’m not judging I used to give it too) but many of them don’t know that it can actually increase the chances of an adverse vaccine reaction. ( My first born had a seizure the day of his 6 mo shots so we had to stop)
The reason for this increased likelihood of a bad reaction is due to the Tylenol decreasing the body’s glutathione levels(an extremely powerful antioxidant)

Something to look into might be the mthfr Gene mutation.

Many are unaware they have this and it increases the chances of vaccine injury. I found out after my son’s seizure that he has it and so do all my other kids so they can’t have vaccines.

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Research vaccines before you do anymore. Read for and against & independent research. Signing a form while the nurses inject is not informed consent.
For now cuddle your baby, if your breastfeeding then let baby feed lots.
To relax baby make a bath and put some epsom salts in (its magnesium) and give baby a nice bath- it will relax their muscles. It works a treat every time!!

Tylenol is a NO-NO

Please stop vaccinating. Its definitely the vaccines. This is no coincidence. Your mama insticts are trying to tell you something. Children have died from being vaccinated. Look up nick catone. He lost his son. There are thousands of stories but his went pretty viral. Vaccines being harmful is not something many doctors will admit to. Becuase they are taught those lies. Vaccines can cause SIDS and many other things from allergies to cancer. Not to mention, they are not effective. I hope baby is ok. I know this post is anonymous but if you’re reading this, feel free to message me and I can send you reliable links to read up on.

Jesus Christ to all the anti-vacciners :woman_facepalming:t2: No wonder measles are back :roll_eyes:

Lots of cuddles, nurse on demand and baby will feel better

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