What are you doing for Easter?

Okay so what are you all doing for Easter? I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old and I’m struggling on what to do… we will be moving in a couple of months (moving states) so I’m not trying to get anything big but also don’t want to fill their baskets with just clothes, specifically my 5 year old. I just have no idea what to do…


Well I’m not any sort of internet influencer so I do normal people things like candy in some eggs and a stuffie. I’m not about to spend $100 in an Easter basket.


Build a Easter bucket
Get her outfit
Book to read together when can
Few of her favorite snacks and treats
Color book
Maybe a favorite movie you guys like to watch
Stuff animal
Small art craft you guys to do together
Maybe a necklace ring hair ties
Lot of stuff you can find at dollar tree
My kids would get bucket like that and sometimes a game for one of their systems they really wanted

Easter is just prior to winter here, so I do eggs of course, art and craft activities, new pyjamas, slippers, generally a robe as well, but probably not this year, and a toy rabbit

It’s Easter, a tiny basket with bubbles, candy, eggs, chalk, jumprope and a few other odds and ends is sufficient

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1 outfit, 1 coloring book, 1 pack of crayons, 1 thing of bubbles, 1 pack of chalk, 1 jump rope, 1 Stuffed Animal and some candy

Eggs hunting with little surprises inside , you can hide them around your backyard if you have any or inside your home

I got skates and some bath bombs and a few outside things like chalk and washable paints for my daughter

Summer outdoor toys! Chalk, bubbles, games, etc

I am doing tumbler cups with candy &snacks for my younger 2 (3 and 1.5), a bento box with candy and snacks for my 13 year old girl, and a sport bag with candy and snacks for my 12 year old boy.

Swim suites, towel, seeds, gardening tools, bubbles, chalk, paint, playdough…

Easter gummies, chocolate eggs, Pez dispenser with candy, stickers, coloring books, stuffy, books, hula hoop, swim suit, small toys, sandals, an outfit, maybe some sunglasses :sunglasses:

I hit a dollar tree and grab little things here and there. Color things, mini games, piece of candy or two, ears for the day etc. holiday stuff tends to get lost in all the toys my kid has already plus my family spoils her to death so I don’t get too crazy on it.

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Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

Get little glow sticks and put them inside of the eggs

I’m getting my 3 year old an oversized bubble-wand, refill bubbles, doll clothes for a doll she has, a small stuffed animal, m&ms for the egg hunt, and maybe a box of individually wrapped cheese balls lol. Already she has a 2 pack of new water bottles, and a bubble container with a Minnie Mouse head

Swimsuits, swim shoes, flip flops, beach towels, coloring books, books, bubbles, buckets, chalk, stuffies

We do a pair of pjs, bed socks, a book and a couple Easter eggs