What are you getting your older boys for Christmas?

Anyone else here has older boys and have no idea what to get them for Christmas!? I have a ten and 9-year-old, both boys, neither of them really play with toys anymore, my ten years old basically likes legos and pokemon and my nine years old who is the complete opposite, loves sport, mostly football (Dallas cowboys fan) and baseball, I am at a loss!!!


I made an explosion box with gift cards, $$ and little mementos for my oldest daughter. This way she can spend it how she pleases and at the same time she’s learning the value of $$.

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I got my 10 year old son a bunch of lego sets, R/C cars, activity books, clothes, a memory foam pillow that’s like green, and other odd and ends.

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My 9 year old is getting an electric scooter as his big gift. He’s getting a guitar from Santa (not an expensive one) and a lot of karate training stuff. He asked for an iPhone 12 :woman_facepalming:t2::roll_eyes: and that was shot down REAL quick.

Depends on the budget you have. Legos, R/C sets. Nerf toys. A nintendo switch is a good gift for both and then just a few others added. Drawing sketch book and acrylic paint kit is nice too

Or if they are into Anime Amazon has night gift bags for $15-20 with like masks and stickers/posters.

My boys no longer play with toys really anymore either ages 9,11,12,18, to give you a few ideas this is a few things mine are asking for this year, nintendo switch lite, ipad, a guitar ( I found starter kits on amazon as low as $60, men jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings, pokemon cards, and I did get some video games for the systems they already had. But I also found stuff for their rooms like new bedding, posters, or little figurines of things they already like fortnite, spiderman etc to put on a shelf in their rooms.

Do you want them to love you 5ever? - Playstation

Do you want them to love you 4ever? New phone

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My 10 year old has not played with toys for 3 years

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Air hockey for the table or floor.

Nerf guns, basketball goal

My 10yo is into the game among us. Minecraft and Pokemon so he’s getting a tee, mask, socks, coloring book and plushies all among us themed. He also asked for a new bedding set (minecraft) to go with his room from his papa so I got a Minecraft sign for his room on Etsy to go with that! Books (also Minecraft) we also got him a prepaid phone from Visible

My 11 the old wants a basketball goal, weight bench, Xbox games

New flat screen TV and an Xbox

Mine are about the same age, got them laser tag.

I stared buying mwiy son tickets to games and drag races and money to spend at each

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Football, anything with cowboys logo on it , magnetic blocks, or a new video game they both like

We bought our older two new bikes this year. They are getting a few smaller presents like legos and those handheld old arcade games.

My 10 year old loves:

  1. Art supplies (big painting stuff, sketch book)

  2. Legos (usually the ones that have a specific building kit)

  3. Nerf guns

  4. Football with gloves

  5. Trampoline

  6. Ps4 games :woman_facepalming:t2:

  7. He has been singing and recording himself lately :joy:

I got my boys each a switch, they love video games. And I’m between laser tag set and some nerf guns.

I have a 10 and 12 so bought them laser tag gun for the oldest birthday they played with it may 3 times now they just sit there… there both into video games so that probably what there gonna get this year

Mine is 11 and the same damn way he loves pokemon and has a switch but he needs more than just games and he doesnt want anymore cards. I got him this robotics thing and a game for his switch and my parents got him a hoverboard onsale for 60 bucks

Have them make a list of 10 things they want. You pick 3 off the list. Then get the normal socks, underwear, cologne and sleep pants, etc. My boys are 23 and 21 now but this worked for me…rather than me buying a bunch of stuff they weren’t in to…


Around the end of October I always asked my kids to make a list of what they wanted for Christmas. The most important items had to be at the top of the list. Luckily my 3 boys birthdays were in January and March, so if they didn’t get something at Christmas, they looked forward to their birthdays. My boys are in their 20’s now and my daughter is 30. I still ask for a list.

Posters, diary of a wimpy kid books, Lego’s, wireless ear buds, bean bag chairs. I have a 13 yr old son and 9 yr old nephew who lives with me!

I have an 8 year old if that counts who is hard this year he wants a xbox and money for roblox lol. I got him clothes small leggos( ones that build things) a electric scooter and books and art suppli3s( he loves both) try sports clothes maybe.video games if u allow it anything outside he likes playing with

This sounds exactly like my house. I have a 9 & 10 yr old girls. Tough age to buy presents. Out of the toy phase

We do
Something you want
Something you need
Something to wear
Something to read
My kids were older when we started doing this. But they received entirely too many things at Christmas from aunts and uncles and grandparents.


One year I had exactly three hours to do my Christmas shopping – both my mom and my mother-in-law were in the hospital, and I was running everywhere. I took my son out to (his choice) Toys R Us and he picked out his own gifts. He still insists it’s the best Christmas he ever had. Ask your own boys about going out separately – take them to lunch, their choice – and go wherever they want, just give them a budget.

Have them both make a list of what they want. Make sure to tell them to start with what’s their favorite thing’s they want the most at the top of the list. Make sure to tell them they may or may not get what’s on the list, that it’s just something to go by, that they may also get something likewise or they may not.

My son is 9 and loves legos also. If we had room for it he’d be getting a lego table since his broke last year, they are awesome. Hes getting a new kindle since his is cracked, an electric scooter and a few legos sets so far.

Pokemon cards for stalking stuffers

There are sports subscription boxes :woman_shrugging:t2:

Remote control cars, helicopters or drones :woman_shrugging:

Our 10yo likes video games. We’re not fond of them. But we’re getting him a game and headset that he wants. Also LED lights for his room, and a rectangular trampoline to try and get him to go outside more :blush:

My son loved Lego, he’s older now and he builds airfix models :wink: so I have bought him a few months supply of kits, paint etc, he’s so easy to buy for now he has a hobby

I just give my grandsons money

Get them something with the team logo that they love. Or pokémon headphones.

Updating his bedroom decor to make it more grown up, ski goggles, Crocs

Why don’t you ask them what they want?


I sell childrens books! We can find something theyll like. 100 science projects, paper airplanes, how to draw books etc. Message me if you want recommendations

Mini projectors are on sale on Amazon.

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Tickets to a game, equipment to play sports he loves, a drone, a camera, a way to download/store music if they don’t already have one or a phone- a Walkman use to be every kids dream

My son is 9 and same thing…but he does have a grandparent that spoils him :roll_eyes: (I don’t always agree) but he bought him a Nintendo switch last year. So I got him a few games & some clothes, also there were these new bend & flex marvel characters I thought he might like. But that is the extent of what we did.

My 12 year old only wanted a gaming computer. I asked what his back up was and he said nothing ugh. So I went in with his dad and we got it. $600 ughh. Way over budget for what I planned but he’s been asking for it for 2 years. The older the harder they get…especially boys/men. My 3 year old and 8 month old both girls are easy and fun. Wrap everything even socks and she is extatic :rofl:

My son is 11 and it’s the same thing. He’s into the sports cards. The only toys he likes are wrestlers. If they have gaming console get a game.

My boys are 14 & 17 and it gets harder the older they get. They ask for money but I refuse to give just money.

I ordered my son snack crate and he loves getting it every month and we make YouTube videos of us trying everything, he just turned 13 so that’s the extent of him wanting to hang out with me but it’s so fun, and it’s our little thing we do together every month

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Ask them to make a list. If that fails money is always a good way to go.

I got my 10 year old nerf guns, Pokémon cards and a sports game for his console. And random other things

How bout like an experience present something they can do later??

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We have always had the kids make a list and it gets filled.

Jersey of his favorite player or beanie of his team

Have them write a few things down? I’m sure they know what they want

I have a 13-year-old and an almost 9-year-old. Both boys. We got skateboards for both of them.

my oldest lad wanted expensive skate board and my near 7 year old wanted a decent telecope and drone

I’ve got a 12 and 8 yo. They get books, new sheets, clothes, and cool lamps that match their interests and room decor. 8yo also getting tinker crate subscription, and I’m fairly certain big brother will find a way to “help”.

Nerf guns and targets. Remote controlled vehicles. Video games. Let them give you game title ideas. I learned boys can be picky about their games.

Bean bags are always a hit!

Get them 10 year old girl

Ask them what they want? Experiences(tickets to parks, go karts, movies ect), stop motion video making set, science experiments, trampoline, dirt bikes, comic books, videos games, skate boards, signed Memorabilia, model sets.

Fishing poles. Basket ball hoop

Electronic chess set.

This is what I am getting for a 4,5, and 6 year olds.

Giftcards to related stores probably. Some clothes to unwrap