What are you getting your SO for valentines day?

Ideas of what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? I am the worst at picking out a present for anything. My boyfriend is awesome at it and always gets me great gifts and knows precisely what I’d like. I want to get him something meaningful. I’m just not good at coming up with anything, so help would be appreciated.


Man crates are great ideas they love them

Nothing Valentines day is over rated. We don’t do it


the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet aren’t always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people who have mind so lovely and special, you can help but fall in love with them.

I get something he needs or maybe something he has been wanting. Last yr he got a new pocket knife

Personalizemall.com has awesome gift ideas

I’m making my man a coupon book. It’ll have things like “good for one date night of your choice” “good for one back massage”. And then there will be a few that are tailored to his personality and things he likes.

Nothing. I’m going to do my best to be awake enough to have good sex. We’re just so tired these days


Cute boxer briefs with lil sayings on em like “CAUTION, large package” with an arrow pointing to it. & one that says “property of with my name on them” :heart:

Nothing. :rofl: maybe a card. But to be fair his birthday is the next day.

Valentine’s Day is so over commercialized. We don’t do anything and I prefer it that way. Why go out of the way one day of the year when you should show your love and appreciation the 364 other days of the year too


Jan i told him im doing a self proclaimed every day of jan kiss pics. Once im done im going to makeba collage and some sappy love couple quote in the middle of the compilation.

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Is he an LSU football fan? There is some awesome championship gear!!

My friend also needs models for her new photography business. Shes doesnt have theblicense, but as long as their private i let her do a boudie shot. Gonna surprise him with a few canvas shots in our room soon

My bday is the next day. So I don’t really celebrate vday

What I love he loves… a bottle of his favorite liquor and blunts

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Make him a gift basket of car detailing items! Add a couple gift cards in there that he likes.

We don’t celebrate it, it’s not really a holiday. So commercialism and fake :rofl:


Nothing. Valentines day is a consumer holiday. The big guys just want your money and put higher prices on basic shit. Should spoil your SO randomly throughout the year, means more and less pressure in my opinion

Thankfully its not that big of a deal to us bc its our daughters birthday. So we just focus on her. Birthdays are more important. And this made up holiday has always been overdrawn.

A canvas with our favorite song printed on it. 🤷 He’s always singing “millionaire” by Chris Stapleton to me, so I thought it would be a nice gift for him AND me. :joy:


Maybe a card. We’re not big into hallmark holiday’s.

Following!! I was just thinking this!! My husband is REALLY good at it too!! #clueless

If he like fishing and hunting basspro gift card

Sauvage Cologne :ok_hand::sunglasses::clap: he will smell good for the rest of his life :heart::two_hearts::blush: lol

We dont get each other anything :joy::woman_shrugging: Its not really a holiday

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playstation gift card lol, mine uses them alot

My fiancé’s bday is the 15th & i plan on getting him some air pods, a dart board, new pants & boots. Just going to split them up between the days. He just gets me flowers :woman_shrugging:t3: he says bc i don’t tell him how much he can spend on me :joy::joy: i control the finances

Steak dinner and sexy time. Lmao.

Divorce papers maybe


We r not getting each other anything

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I made a “broquet” for mine lol it has all his favorite goodies, lottery tickets, small coke and jack daniels on it. He gets me flowers so I get him the guy equivalent

Well my hobby is a saltwater fish tank so i get fish or coral. Hubbys hobby is his truck. So we just get each other something towards our hobby. And my birthday is a week after so i get double the amount lmao. Just figure out what your SO likes. Flowers and jewelry is over kill in my marriage. Told hubby from day one no flowers, within 5 days they all dead buy me a fish or a saltwater coral ill be super happy

If he likes working on cars or anything, you literly can not go wrong with tools. Honestly when me and my hubby go to a store, i watch what he looks at, tools, fishing stuff, etc.

Like… a month from now?

Nothing we both look at as we show love everyday don’t need a day on the calendar to tell us

My husband and I have just cooked a nice steak dinner and some dessert on Valentine’s Day. We don’t get each other anything we just spend time together. We do however have kids and we get our kids little stuffed animals and candy…

Maybe a card and I might bake a cake or some brownies our first son is due February 26th so maybe he’ll be a daddy sooner!

My husbanded wanted the new call of duty modern warfare. He got it already

An Astro gaming controller.

Ok so one year on a budget i went to a couple dollar stores and found a a nice basket and filled it with our favorite sodas candy chips goodies and pop corn and a little stuffed animal and rented a movie it was our best date night in and we spent the night together it was such a huge hit i do it every year now and if our kids are with us i make it big or get them each there own separate goodie basket we love it

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I’m Very good at Surprising my man also shopping for him & getting him gifts I know him so well, But usually a Stuffed animal, His favorite chocolates, His Favorite cologne, Romantic card, Surprise Breakfast & coffee in bed, Very Romantic Dinner, Very Romantic Evening including lots of sexy time :heart_eyes:,

He always Surprises me with the Most Beautiful Roses he knows how much I love flowers, my favorite chocolates, Stuffed Animal, Very Romantic All over body massage & very romantic bubble bath just the 2 of us with a Bottle of Wine & Strawberries

We also get Valentine’s for both of our son’s since they have been born

There’s a good chance we won’t get to see each other because he’s taking a cdl class training for 4 weeks in a different state I’ll be either at my sisters house with my 3 kids currently expecting my 4th trying to control the constant vomiting so I don’t end up back in the hospital again for not being able to gain weight. Currently 109.6 and doctor said if I’ve lost any more or not gained any by my next appointment she’s putting me back in the hospital until they can get my weight up.

Does he have a hobby? Fishing? Sports? Try those sort of gifts. He will love you!

We dont really celebrate it. I get the kids something so I dont feel like a shitty mom. Other than that i find it a useless holiday.

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Probably some cologne…maybe his favorite candy. Some snacks in a cool tote thing…I also do the kids up a few things usually in a cute basket or something. Movies, a rose…a card with meaningful sentiment.

You could make reservations at your favorite restaurant or cook his favorite meal a bottle of bubbly his favorite chocolate candy or cake or cupcakes and a lovely card or make him a homemade card

Maybe a little weekend getaway? Works for both of you :slight_smile:

I got him the best gift ever for Valentine’s day. His only daughter… So I kinda messed up Valentine’s day for me. Lol He’ll take me to dinner. No flowers I think they are a waste of money cause they die.

Nothing. We don’t observe Hallmark Holidays.


I used to not getting anything (past relationships) this one ( almost 3 years now) ive gotten him personalized items such as a wallet a book (that tells him why i love him) and a notecube from thenotecube.com that gives reason and brings up his self esteem a little.

We usually do a nice family dinner. Not sure this year because we are getting married on the 16th

I usually make something meaningful

Mine never wants anything