What are your go to breastfeeding snacks?

Mommas that breastfeed, what were your go to drinks/ snacks or recipes to help increase your supply? Normally pumping 2-3oz but not as often as I’d hope. Tia


Not soo much snacks
But my gosh I get sooooo sooooo thirsty
Sooo yeah not a real fitting answer to your question but do any of you get soo soo thirsty
I must have a drink with me whilst breastfeeding
I really like ‘ Vanilla up and go’s ‘
I really like this question and I am now following :slight_smile:

There is not actually anything that will help your supply. Drinking water and getting more calories is what will help you! Those cookies and drinks help because they are high calorie and high electrolyte. Just add in more snacks throughout the day and drink lots of fluids🥰

Removing milk is what makes milk. No food or drinks do. Have your pump parts been changed recently? Correct flange sizes? Pumping every 2-3 hours?

I’m 12 months PP & still pumping for my daughter while at work. If you need any help/have questions, please feel free to PM me.