What are your November/Thanksgiving traditions?

What are your favorite November & Thanksgiving traditions to do with kids throughout the month?


Family gathering Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Drawing.

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We have friendsgiving with all our friends and their kids , we have thanksgiving with our families and we go Black Friday shopping to get the kids a new upgrade on their phones every year …

Which we can’t do this year bc everyone is going to be closed so now we are trying to make a new tradition which might be throw christmas completely out the window and go on vacation every year for Xmas …

Being alone with a tv dinner

Family and old fashioned yummies!!!

our only real tradition is going to my grandmothers for a BIG family thanksgiving, then breakfast on black friday (and usually some shopping). then saturday we get together with the other side of the family to have thanksgiving left overs :joy: but this year… not so much. this year we’ll be doing thanksgiving at home on a miniature scale and probably facetime with my brother and SIL :slight_smile: no shopping… and hopefully we won’t have any leftovers!

Go hunting Turkey can come a day or two before or after my family knows well in advance been doing it for years