What are your thoughts on love to dream swaddles?

My little one loves to be swaddled, but I have been using one we’re his arms against his body and wrapped like a blanket with Velcro. (He will be 12 weeks on Friday) He can now fit in his love to dream swaddle, but to me, to looks it doesn’t look comfortable to sleep like that the whole night (arms up)… he currently goes to bed at 8:30/9… wakes for a bottle between 4 and 7 an then usually sleeps till about 8:30/9… he has a bit of trouble with night air since he was born, during the night he gets a really stuffy nose so the doctor told me to pop the head of his bed up a bit so his not laying flat to help him breathe easier as it’s only during the night he gets stuffy, by morning he is fine. . … my question is - would it be safe to be tilted up in love to dream swaddle position. I think I freak myself out a lot of what’s safe for him. But the swaddled I have been using he seems to be nearly grown out of. He sleeps better when swaddled but not sure if changing his sleeping position is safe while tilted up. Thoughts? But I feel I need to change positions so he gets used of not swaddled like his wrapped in a blanket… I can’t wrap him in just a blanket as he manages to wriggle/squirm his way out an usually ends up with the blanket over him an his arms out during the night.


If your baby is showing signs of rolling over, usually around two months, then they shouldn’t be swaddled anymore. Not safe.

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I was always told once they roll not to swaddle Mine were all 6-7 weeks

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These swaddle transition sleepers also work! Plus they look like a cute little marshmallow

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Microfleece (3-6 Months (12-18 lbs.), Blue) Amazon.com: Baby Merlin's Microfleece Magic Sleepsuit (Blue- 3-6 Months) : Baby

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we used love to dream swaddles until about a year. but LO always slept with her hands up by her head so they really were all that worked. the larger sizes zip off at the arms for when they start to roll over.

It’s a pretty good swaddle, we used the original swaddle up and the transitional bag. My baby loved to be swaddled and it’s super flexible. But I would recommend using the transitional bag as soon as he fits the weight range. If you wait too long to transition them to arms free, it only gets harder

Ask the doctor. They know.you are a new parent and expect the calls. Good luck.

We use the Zipadee Zip. It’s amazing!! Our first kid was up ALL night for nearly a month when we transitioned from the swaddle with arms in to arms out. With the second kiddo, we use the Zipadee Zip and he sleeps straight through.

I used it for my son when he was about a month old and he loved it. Sleeping with their arms up like that is the most natural way to sleep. Also they are able to self soothe with their hands up like that. The only reason we stopped using it was my son started to roll. They have ones that grow with the baby but we just never got them.

The baby stores sell a little piece that elevates the ba us head, think it might have 2 bumpers on it too…it’s great…can you swaddle and leave the arms out? He might just like the tightness feeling, I know alot of babys sleep with arms over head at a certain age…very normal

I don’t see a problem with swaddling. It works and you get some much needed rest. I was told to lay on the belly, which I did until mine could do on their own. I really don’t see a problem with a slight tilt and swaddled. Why would that hurt anything?

I cannot breathe myself if my arms are up.

I think you should ask a doctor this question.


Lol have no idea what you just said.

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Both mine used the Love to Dream swaddles, they make some where the arms zip off as he learns to sleep normally. In my personal opinion I would say slowly put the bed height back to normal but put a humidifier in the room. My son has lots of ear issues/runny nose and allergies and for months when he was little we would use a humidifier. As long as you keep them clean they are a huge help!