What baby monitors are actually safe?

Dumb question but is there any baby monitors that are actually safe?:persevere: Currently working on my baby registry but I’ve read so many horror stories with both wifi/non wifi monitors


With our eldest one of us would leave our phone upstairs and we would FaceTime the other phone so we could see and hear her then we just got a sound monitor

Never used wifi ones, I just use the sound ones. Plug one in the bedroom and plug one in wherever I am in the house

You can always just use an old phone as a monitor if you’re nervous. There’s apps you can use to turn an old phone into a camera, and control it from your phone. You can set a pass code and only approved devices can access the camera, plus you have to log in to an account as another layer of security.

All of them ? We have WiFi ones and never had a problem

I’ve only heard bad things/horror stories when something has wifi capabilities. I’ve never heard anything crazy with with regular monitors. I personally like the ones you can rotate position on the camera from the monitor.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t be safe… for someone to get into your camera, they’d need your wifi. So lock up your wifi.

I have a pretty basic vtech set that works great for us. My son is 3. I did buy another super cheap set whne one of my chords stopped working of the same brand… I didn’t like the cheaper set so I just used those chords for my original monitors and it works like brand new. And the only reason it had a problem was bc it was in a common area for a while so my son always played with the chords.