What birth control do you like?

I’m 28 and I have 4 girls(1 is not biological mine) I think I want at least one more baby and I don’t want to close my options so my real question is… what kind of birth control does anyone uses? I’m on the pill right now and it’s been working fine for the past 6 years but I’m really starting to forget it at times and I just don’t want to be pregnant at the moment. I have set some goals myself before I even think about having my “last baby”.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What birth control do you like? - Mamas Uncut

Mirena IUD. Not the copper one. Don’t have to remember a pill. And safe for if you have a desk job that you don’t move around a lot for (blood clot concerns so I can’t take regular pill or patch).


I love the Nuvaring used for 10 years I planned another baby and got pregnant on the 1st month it was out lol so it was definitely keeping me from getting pregnant lol I’m 6 months pregnant now :heart:


I’m on the nexaplon, the one that goes in the arm. I just started on my 3rd one and I like it and never have had a problem. Had Mirena, and the first time everything was great, second time I cramped all the time, after sex sometimes the cramps were worse.

The pill for me (pcos) but i also have to take other daily medications. No side effects from it easy to start and stop.

I loveeeee my Nuvaring! Been on it for 6 years!


I’m on the pill.

What I’ve found to help me remember (I have 2 boys- 2yo and 4.5 month old) is I’ve set an alarm on my phone for whatever time I need to take it and have it changed to say pill time. It’ll go off and I’ll stop what I’m doing (unless I’m feeding Bub) and take it.

I also have 2 more alarms one five minutes after the first and then one 10 minutes after the second, just in case I don’t take it with the first alarm.

Could maybe try this and see if it helps with taking it


Paragard (copper iud). It doesn’t have hormones so doesn’t mess with your cycle


I had the Mirena IUD (not the copper one) and loved it, never had any issues aside from cramping the first couple weeks.

I think one of your goals should be to decide what method of birth control you want. Then if it’s still the pill remember taking the pill then work on the rest.

depo has worked amazing for me and stopped my periods

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I’m on the patch. I only have to change it once a week, I just set a weekly reminder on my phone. I wear it for three weeks then go without it for a week then start over. I have a really light period for 3 days on my off week. I had mirena for awhile but I had issues with 2 after my son was born in 2019!!. This August I had to have it surgically removed. No damage luckily. BUT everyone is different. When it was working I had no monthly. I had it for almost 5 years before I got pregnant with my son 4 months after it was taken out.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What birth control do you like? - Mamas Uncut

Depending on the gap you want there are so many options for you! I have their mirena coil and it’s been brilliant so far (admittedly getting it in/out isn’t much fun) with it you’re covered for 5years but you can have it removed at anytime and should become fertile quickly after. I’ve had the injections before and they’re every few months so that might give you a less invasive change over (when you want a baby again) however I was warned if can take a little while after you stop getting the injection to get fertile again. I found I was a bit wafty on the injection but everyone’s different. Good luck xx

I’ve got the copper coil best thing I done! And it has no hormones so as soon as it’s out your ready to go!

I prefer the implant I’m currently on a waiting list since my son was born 17 weeks ago! On the injection at the moment it’s doing the job!

Implant! So easy! Lasts a few years and can be removed if you want to try for another baby x

I’m on the pill and love it. I just set an alarm on my phone so I don’t forget to take it

I’ve got the coil in. As I kept forgetting my pills. Best thing I did was get coil in

Implant? Or injections? Maybe x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What birth control do you like? - Mamas Uncut

I have had Nexplanon for a few months now and I recommend it. A little rod gets inserted in your arm and it’s good for 3 years!


I switched from the pill to Nuvaring at 22 and have never looked back. I would sometimes forget to take my pill and then after being in it for a few years it started to my stomach. I’ve been on Nuvaring for 4 years now and haven’t had a single issue with it. Removed monthly so you still get a period (I like knowing I’m not preggo). I haven’t had any issues with it coming out, me feeling it, or him feeling it during sex. It can be felt when doing foreplay but not with regular sex.

Had the arm implant but it made my mental health worse, I had it for 6 years (2 of them) and felt soo much better when removed. I’ve since been using yaz bcps the last 4 years and put them in my am/pm 7 day pill case with my other meds so I don’t forget to take them.

Natural family planning. And get your partner to help remind you of the pill. My husband has an alarm on his phone. So if I forget, he also has a reminder.

As for the natural family planning, track your cycle. Using an app can help. Track your ovulation and avoid having sex during your fertility phase. Use condoms when you do have sex. And/or spermicide. Research your safest options.

I’m using Nexplanon and love it! No side effects at all but some women do get them so ask your doctor if it would work for you.

I used the Nuvaring last. I liked it best. Just had to sent a reminder in my phone to remove and put a new one in. Very easy.

I use implanon and it’s been a life changer for me, it stopped my period and I have had no side effects besides weight gain :woman_shrugging:t3: but I’d rather be fat than pregnant lmao

I used an Iud and loved that it even helped with hormone migrains

Nexplanon, it goes in your arm and its good for 3 years. Every woman is different with it, for me I don’t have a period and I haven’t had any side effects. This is my 2nd one I’ve had in my lifetime.

Following! I just had my 4th and have only ever been on the pill, thankfully never got pregnant on it… but I don’t feel like taking it everyday.

I have an IUD but if you’re hoping to have a baby in the next 2 years maybe stick with the pill.

I’m on the pill. I put it right next to my bathroom sink so when I get up in the morning it’s the first thing I do

Depo I know it’s controversial but it works for me and you don’t have a period once you start to have a period you know your due for your next shot every 3 months

Personally I HATE my nexplanon and cannot wait to get it out

Anything but Paraguard ! It works great for some but is killing others! Huge lawsuits going on against it trying to get it pulled from the market!

I’ve been hearing depo shots have ingredients/chemicals to kill your ovaries.

Paraguard! good for 10 years and no hormones

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Paragurd IUD. Non-hormonal. No kid for 10 years

IUD is what I used between my kids. Had my now 10 yr old on the pill got the IUD Mirena after. Had it in for 6 years took it out had our 3 and now have it back in lol

Xulane patch
Once a week
My body didn’t work well with the nuva ring -
Was like a foreign invader :flushed:

The depo shot. It’s great. Once every three months.

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). I refuse to put anything in my body to alter my natural cycle.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility is an excellent book.

And this contraception guide by Dr. Jolene Brighten goes over pros, cons, & side effects.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What birth control do you like? - Mamas Uncut

Paragard 10 year IUD is the only thing I’ve gotten. I had it after I had my second daughter, 8 years later I took it out to get pregnant again and I now have my two-year-old son. I have it once again & there’s no side effects Also, periods Are regular.

I take depo shot. Every 3 months so 4 times a year get a shot in my butt. Haven’t gotten pregnant for 4 years!

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I’ve had the Mirena iud for 10 years (replaced after 5) I love it . I haven’t had my period since getting it but not everyone gets that lucky. Best part is you could walk in get it removed and start trying to conceive immediately after without any harm or potential issues. Again everyone is different discuss options with your doc.


I love my nexplanon & it only last for 3 years.


I would suggest talking to your primary care physician, everyone’s body is different. I see a couple ladies mention they love nexplanon I however and others I know bleed for an entire year on it, it was horrible. I would speak to your Dr

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I use Nurx and give myself the depo shot 4 times a year. I pick it up at my nearest pharmacy and I absolutely love it after taking the pill for six years.

I had the Skyla which is a 3 year IUD and it was cool. I don’t usually react to birth control either though.

I had horrible side effects after I stopped using the nuvo ring… including unbelievable anxiety and panic attacks

Do not get the nexplanon. It made me suicidal and very not ok

I have used different pills. The last time I ended up pregnant and having a horrible miscarriage. I’ve used the patch. I just recently got the nepraxon ? I think that’s how its spelled in my arm. A 3 year BC. It’s only been a week and a half so far

Nuvaring… I wish so much I could be on it but can’t but I had It for years and loved it… now I’m on nexplanon the bar and I hate it. It’s a mood changer I never feel the same but most effective for me… second time on it for me… do not do depo if you have plans on when to get pregnant it takes months maybe even up to a year to leave your body… ask a doc and tell them your plans pick what’s best for you

Everyone likes or dislikes something different. I am going back to the pill, I did not like the arm insert (Nexplanon).

Mirena IUD you can have it removed before the 5 year mark if you want or have it removed after the 5 years. It was the best decision for me after I had a miscarriage it gave me time to heal and after I had it removed I did get pregnant again and had a healthy boy and now pregnant with twins. The one thing is after it is removed you can get pregnant quickly so after 5 years you are still not ready have another put in.