What bottle nipple should my son be using?

Some bottles my son finishes fast and some he takes forever
But the nipples have diff numbers on them.
He’s gonna be 4 months old.
What nipple number should he have?
And can I keep the same bottles just buy diff nipples?
Or do I have to buy brand-new bottles?


I use dr. Brown bottles and at 3 months you can switch to level 2 nipples and you don’t need new bottles you should be able to just buy the new nipples.

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I think we used the #2 when my LO was 4 months. She is now 7months n we are using #3. You can google the sizes and what ages to switch. That’s what I did.

One may be a slow flow the other fast flow

My son is almost 4 months and he almost needs a stage 3 nipple because he gets rice or oatmeal in every bottle. But for now still stage 2

The Dr Brown bottles sell different nipple flows. Level 1, 2, 3 etc. If you go to Walmart and look for them they will say “newborn” or “3 month” or “6 month” something to that effect letting you know which ones to get.

If he’s not choking on the faster nipples, you should be able to keep those and replace the others. The nipples should say an age group as well as a size. The second nipples are usually 3-6 months.

1 is slow for newborns
2 is medium for 3ish mo and up
3 is fast, 6mo+
… they’re only estimations though. Unless I put baby cereal in his formula, the #3 nipples are too much and he makes a mess. (6.5 mo old)

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The numbers represent the different flows. Use whatever he is comfortable with. My 10 month old still drinks from a 2 because the other nipples cause the milk to pour down her face.

The numbers indicate the flow rate check with whatever brand you have they should have a chart so you know which nipples you want to buy to replace the slow flow ones if he does ok with the faster ones. I know with my son they wanted him on a slow flow nipple bc I was going to breastfeed when he got out of the NICU but the nurses kept switching to faster flow so feedings wouldn’t take so long so after he got out he wouldnt work for the hind milk and I had to pump …breast feed and bottle feed it wore e out to the point we just did bottles after about a month by then he was 3 months old

Yes!!! It’s just a different flow. With having oatmeal he may need a faster flow. My son was on stage 3 with his formula but now he gets regular cow’s milk and I had to have him back to a stage 1 or he chokes and it goes everywhere. So just go with what your baby can handle.

Yes you can buy different nipples- be sure they fit your bottle. Sounds like 2 or 3, if he’s doing good with faster flow get him those

U can keep bottles and use different nipple flows. It depends if he spits up or chokes easily while drinking really. Then you’ll know to increase or hold off on what number he is on.
Mine were at a 2 at that age. Best of luck.

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I used slow flow while I breastfed and when I stopped I switched him to medium flow… think it just depends on the baby though… fast flow my son chokes on n he’s 13months so we just use medium n he does fine

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Get new nipples. The numbers mean holes are different sizes

I always used the slow ones.

If he is breastfed the nipple should always be stage 1. We are 7 months still on 1 medela bottles.

And I see many comments saying they put cereal in the babies bottle, such an ignorant thing to say on a ftm post. NEVER put cereal in a bottle. Only milk goes in bottles.

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It depends on what kind of bottle you have if you’re using avent one is slow flow 2 is medium 3 is medium fast and 4 is fast slow I think there might be a 5 also I don’t know but at 4 months old I would say your little one should be about a 2

Well I failed never even noticed the number on the nipples and this is my second bio child they are 1r months apart lol🤦‍♀️

Most bottles have the ability that you can just go out and buy brand-new nipples and if you buy bottles such as play text at his age you would want to go about medium but it does basically just depend on which is good enough speed for him you do not want to have the flow too fast or he could choke

Dollar general has packs of nipple for I believe $1 . They say if they are slow or fast. Depending on what kind of bottle u are using, they may work.

Its the flow rate. My son only ever went up to the 2, as that was what he was most comfortable with

I have three kids and always used a 1 it really doesn’t need to be more than that and after wear and tear from them sucking on it it opens more on it’s own

You keep the bottles just change the nipples as he grows and is able to eat more