What brand of shoes is best for boys wit big feet?

Ladies…Can we discuss your son’s feet. My son is about to turn 9? He has HUGE feet for his age, and they are super wide. I was buying New Balance Wx size 6-6.5, but they just aren’t fitting well anymore. Trying on shoes in-store is a nightmare, so I’d love to narrow the brands down some. With school approaching, can I ask what shoes are your go-to’s for a boy with flintstone feet lol?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What brand of shoes is best for boys wit big feet?

Always bought Timberland

Adidas for my son. He has large flat wide feet. We tried on a few and noticed the adidas have a wider sole.


I have the same problem with my son also he 16 yr and wears a size 13 men shoes wide .where i live its a small town when he was younger cuz his feet are wide i get his shoes lil bigger so he can be comfortable . Nike had some good wide ones


Same problem . My son is 13 and hes 5ft 7 and wears size 12 or 13 wide. And flat feet

My 13 yr old is now in a Men’s 14! Nikes always fit him great!

My 6 year old is in a size 4-5. Her feet are kinda chubby. She LOVES adidas shoes more than anything

My partner and I both have wide feet, we wear Nike’s mostly

Never go wrong with Nike.
My son now wears a 16 and growing up, he always wore Nikes and liked them.

Try going to a shoe store that fits people for athletic shoes. They will be a great resource.

I’m in the same boat . My son is 9 & he’s at 6.5 right now I feel like Skechers has some good ones also and adidas.

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Adidas NMD1 shoes are great

My 13 year old wears a 13 and Puma and Adidas have been wonderful for him

My partner is islander so his feet are super wide! Adidas are our go to, never go wrong with them :slight_smile:
But I have heard Asics are good too!

Unfortunately Nike is about it. My son had huge feet. Still does.

Adidas or nike, my son is 10 wearing 7 1/2 shoes with his wide ass feet.

My son loves Nike. He is 7 and he’s a four he has big feet too

Sketchers and adidas for kids

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Dc is good for wide feet… my son has HUGE feet and he says they have been the comfiest of all.

My boy is 15 in a size 13 men’s shoe. Nike, hey dudes and crocs is all he wears.

I use to buy the next size up for my son but know his 17 next month and a size 14 mens shoe so its hard to do that know

Asics and ascent are great

Podiatrists recommend to stay away from Nike and sketchers. They recommend asics and ascent. I’ve always bought my boys who have big wide feet the ascent sustain or ascent cluster school shoes.

My sister has this problem with my nephew an Adidas is best hope this helps

A shoe that has an arch for more support

Skate shoes? DC… Etnies… Globe… Kustom…Vans etc :blush:

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My 13 year old has wide,huge feet. Size 12. We’ve tried everything and Adidas works for him

Look for brands that have the size E in them. Or ask a podiatrist, they can get hold of shoes that are wider.

Shop DXL under shoes.

Adidas nmds or ultra boost are stretchy & wider then most brands they are also super comfy

My boy is 9 and wears and 8 In men’s. I usually get him sketchers or Nike

Sketchers carries wide widths.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What brand of shoes is best for boys wit big feet?

My son is 10 1/2 years old and size 8.5 men’s he has to try all shoes on because the width in some men’s is too wide. We just got up Nike and try our best lol

Asics runners are widest . My now 18 yr old wears size 14, has always had broad feet.

Good God And Here I Thought It Was Only My Grandson
15 Yrs Old
6.4 Feet Tall
15 -16 Sneakers ( Depending How Made )
17 - 18 Cleats (Football)
These Kids Are Giants. !!


Stride Rite comes in extra extra wide

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Clarks for school shoes.

I have really wide feet and I find vans quite accomodating, sketchers also but I don’t know if they would be cool enough :joy::joy:

My son is almost 12, and he’s been a size 8 for about a year. He’s wide too. Kickers are good, also he had doc martens in Sept they were lovely. Some nike air force ones are good. X

New balance has shoes on line up to 4e wide go to a local store have him measured to see what he needs might have to special order

Sketchers fit my son’s super wide feet really well.

My son is 9 with size 7 feet… he prefers sketchers… or trainers with the soft mesh top bit (if that makes sense) :rofl:… school shoes treads are meant to be really good they have inserts in them and u take them out to make them wider although I’ve never tried :grin:

Nike in the wide width.

Nike Air force ones are wide but are abit on the pricey side x

My sons have super wide feet I find most nike trainers are good for them xxx

Bless him… my son is about to turn 9… his feet are a size 12 :rofl::rofl: have a look at kickers though, that’s what both my boys wear, I find them very hard wearing.

So, as a female 9w and fit into an 11m. Kind of embarrassed for the entire post

My son has always had massive feet, he’s just turned 15 and in a size 15 :see_no_evil: i used to buy kickers but i struggle getting a nice shoe in big sizes we went with a pair of pod shoes last year…this year im struggling :exploding_head:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What brand of shoes is best for boys wit big feet?

My daughter is 14. She has had a size 11 in women’s since she was 9. And was super short. She finally started growing this past year. She is now 5’7, 110lbs, with a size 11 foot.

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I feel this. It was rough when my son was this age. Nike af1’s run a little wider then most. Look at the area where the laces are. A cloth area expands better then a leather area.

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From my experience new balance are the best. Brooks are ok too but they aren’t as wide even with the “wide”

Nike is where I found most that fit

My soon to b 10 year old son can where my shoes I wear vans

Nike sells up to a 4E for width. I have wide size 10 feet so best brand for me is Nike

Sketchers or Adidas, my son is 8 with that size also :roll_eyes:

New balance , vans , dc

My husband has super wide feet and we go through the same thing. He also used to wear New Balance but was actually getting calluses on his feet because they were rubbing. The most comfortable option he’s found is Under Armour Charged. They do seem to run a little smaller overall (he was wearing an 11 wide in new balance and prefers a 12 wide in under armour) so I recommend trying a size up.

My son is 13 nd wears a 12. He wears Nike w no prob w his super wide feet

Stride rite worked really well for my kids. They have different widths you can get

I found spending money for the nice shoes is worth it because cheap shoes (once they past toddler stage break down way too fast).
Depends on what kind of shoe you’re looking for: athletic, walking etc
Taking him to a shoe store might be worth it as their shoes do tend to last longer and they can get the right type of shoe for his needs.

Sketchers my son. Who is 15 wears a men’s 14

Adidas! I myself have super wide feet and that’s what I wear especially nmds. They are super comfortable and wide! In all sides mens women’s and kids.

My son(13) will only wear DC sneakers he finds everything else too tight/not as comfortable, his feet are both long and wide but doesn’t have a high instep. The cost for dc are relatively cheap especially if you find a sale. My daughter(15) has short, wide feel with a very high instep, she prefers vans and Adidas. Both are pretty hard on the pocket but we can get away with ordering boys for her instead of womans, which saves a few dollars especially if we find them on sale.

Sketchers and Nike are what my husband with wife big feet prefers

New balance or Sketchers

My son has really wide, big feet… he only wore boots but recently started wearing hey dudes too, he has worn nikes and they seemed ok

ASICS also has 4E width

If you have good insurance make an appointment with a podiatrist and have the doctor measure his feet to get the true measurement for his width. New balance and Nike both allow you to build your own shoe on their website. They do not charge more for this service than you will pay for the shoe in the stores. Would give your son the most comfortable fit .


My son is 12, with wide feet! He’s in a size 7. So for school he’ll need a size a little bigger. He’s VERY picky about what shoes he’ll wear! Because of how they feel. He has ADHD, ODD, so he has sensory issues. And hates any kind of change! So getting new shoes is really stressful for both of us! My brother and sister in law took him in December for his birthday and got him shoes. That he LOVES! They are Nike. White, black and gold. Almost high top. He won’t wear lower shoes. And they are still like brand new! Even with wearing them every day.

my grandson is 13 and wears size 13. Vans and DC and the only ones we have found that fit well and last longer than a few months

Unfortunately my daughter is the one with big feet she’s 9 in a women’s 7.5 so we do adidas. My son is only 3 and in a kids size 1, so we do adidas with him too. My husband likes adidas too and they are very comfortable and wide.

Nikes are really good, jordans are horrible for wide feet IMO…

Sketchers GoWalk- Arch Fit (extra wide) are definitely worth considering.
My son is 10 years old and wears a 9.5.
His foot is big and wide and complains of foot pain with other brands.
We tried sketchers and he loves them.
Only wears sketchers now.

Vans are wide and are cool enough for teens yet affordable.
The toe box is wider than Nike and some of the others.

Skater shoes. Etnies, DC, Globe.

I’m a 15 was hard when I was young, more know but still hard usually in sneakers look look look right now I like puma comfortable but been able to find All brands I usually have to go all over town till I find the brand I want.
in boots Redwing for work and dress they have some nice going out boots he’s a 12 so shouldn’t be as hard as me, also to add redwings are expensive but last forever if he’s growing might wait from$200-300

K Swiss is a good shoe for wide feet and durable

Try dc trainers they’re good wide fitting shoes also etnies are the same style and nice wide fit x