What can an infant take for a cold?

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My son is just shy of 4 months and has his first cold :sneezing_face::sleepy: it started on Friday. I’ve been using a nasal aspiration, saline drops, and an organic baby chest rub… but he’s still pretty congested. Wondering if any mommas have tips to help clear him up? It’s breaking my heart to see him sick.

(side note I have contacted his pediatrician and they said to just keep an eye on him at home unless he spikes a fever)


I think id take him to doctor, just to be on the safe side.


You could try letting the shower run on hot water and sit it the bathroom with him. The steam could help break some of that up. My youngest was so bad when she was younger we tried every trick we could think of before headed to the dr.


Humidifier and just stay in the room as much as possible. My son had his 1st when he was about 2 months(hes almost 7 months now) it works great

Turn shower on and let the room fill up with steam. It will help a lot to clear him up.

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Def use a humidifier, and I found that the nose Frieda was a life saver for pulling out snot, which will help sooo much with the congestion versus the bulb. And of course plenty of hugs! Good luck momma, hope he feels better soon! :two_hearts:


Turn on the shower and let it fill with steam and sit in ther with him for about 10 to 15 minutes it will help him clear up

And here we go with the dr comments…

Mom pages get so annoying after awhile cuz thsts all anyone has to say…

Not everything needs a damn doctor… This is why you wait an hour to see one… Because a kid sneezed and just had to be rushed in…

High fever, lethargy, pulling at ears, vomiting and diarrhoea are all dr symptoms… Otherwise you really can monitor the kid and treat symptoms at home… Promise…


Put a cut onion next to him at bedtime… :wink:


My kids couldn’t even use baby vicks for the longest time it actually made them more congested

Take baby Vick’s vapor rub and put a thick layer on the bottom of his feet. Cover them with socks all night. Should be better by morning

Put humidifer in his room and make a steam room with the shower. Put towel under the door

hot bath, humidifier, lots of juice/water in system to flush it all out

My son who is 7 months now got a small cold at 4 months. I put chest rub in my wax warmer then him and I played in the room with door shut why it melted. Then boogie drops helped alot

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Humidifier and zarbees

My son just had bronciolitis and steaming up the bathroom and hitting between his shoulder blades while sitting in there helped a lot but also the cold air helped him breath better afterwards. We just wrapped him in a blanket and stood in front of the freezer. It expands his airwaves to allow more oxygen. Hes 5 months. Hes better now. Hope your little one gets better soon.

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Baby Vick’s on feet and hot steam showers. Just sit in there with the steam. It really helps.

Soak a wash cloth in apple cider vinegar and out next to his head when he is sleeping or just hanging out and it will help. I have done it with my daughter since she was a baby and now she is 10.

I get the shower super hot and let it steam up the bathroom. Then I turn it down to a safe temp and stand in the shower with baby and hold him. The water soothes my little guy and the steam makes his nose run

Baby vicks on his feet and put on his socks over night.

Humidifier helped my 3 month old with a cold & rub the chest stuff on their feet & put their socks on like others have said. Steam from the shower.

So I use this stuff… it’s for infants…made by Zarbees. It’s called cough syrup and mucus. It’s for infants. It’s all natural. From 2 months up. My 2 month old started taking it for a cold she had. And within a few days it was cleared up. Ask your pediatrician about it. It’s a life saver for me.

Humidifier helps a lot. You can also steam up that bathroom to help loosen mucus.

Humidifier or sit in bathroom with him with hot shower runing. Also use booger sucker

If you are breastfeeding drip one or two drops of breastmilk into the nose imho that helps better than any store bought stuff which is full of god knows what
All the best i hope the wee one gets better soon :purple_heart:

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Humidifier. Nose frida (yet gross) is a game changer. Gets mucus out like you wouldn’t believe. Also, I learned when my son had RSV and bronchitis from nurses to cup pat his back and on both sides.

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you can also do the Vick’s ice cubes and put them in the shower when yours steaming the bathroom.
you just make them yourself. Pinterest has different ways of doing that. but that helps as well.

A humidifier with the Vick’s oil in it was a life saver when my daughter got sick.

Essential oil menthol put it in a vaporizer and lavender is always good

Humidifier, massage bottom of the feet

Get him to the doctors

Sit in your bathroom with him after you’ve run your shower on full hot and there’s steam in the room. You can even put Vick’s VaborRub in the water

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Johnson’s vapor bath. Mix some up in a bowl with hot water and put it under the crib while he sleeps.

Salt water worked wonders for us :slight_smile:

Humidifier with mental vapor always helps. Your doing everything right hun, just gotta ride it out. Good luck

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Elavate his bed. Told a hand towel and put it under the head of his mattress. Keeping them at an angle helps also

Have him sleep elevated they make wedges that go under the crib. Humidifier and vicks vaporless steamer. They have to be 10lbs and up to have the vicks going and it has to be with humidity.

Look into Maddy’s vabor rub. It’s menthol for babies under 3 months. Not as strong but works wonders.
Run a hot shower and let the bathroom steam up while you and baby relax in there.
Humidifier or air purifier with menthol drips. (Used this when my daughter was between 2 and 4 months because she was constantly congested)

If you have an oil diffuser eucalyptus and lavender oils make for good clearing and the bit of addded humidity doesnt hurt either

We have had good success with saline drops and warm baths. Lots of nursing if you are breastfeeding. And lots of naps for baby. My baby often wants to be held while sleeping when she’s sick (but she’s a generally poor sleeper so she just needs a little extra when she isn’t well). If the baby starts struggling to breathe, go to the doctor. Aside from that it’s just a waiting game with an everyday cold. With my baby she often has a lingering cough for an extra week or so after a cold that doesn’t really seem to bother her.

Try not to get sick yourself, take your vitamin c!

Vicks on the bottom of his feet! Might sound crazy ( I thought so when my babysitter did this to my baby, but was so grateful she did ) But it works!

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Turn the hot shower on and let it steam up, have him in his diaper and go sit in there. Bring the nasal sucker with ya. Lol. Aw, always hard to see you baby sick. Good luck mama. You are doing everything perfectly mama. Xo


Vicks at the bottom of the shower let it steam

It could be allergies as well

Actually yeah a breast feeding pillow works well for elevating

Lots of clear fluids!

Elevate his head… ive always use the nasal bulb thingy…you can use a humidifier like some of the other people have commented but i buy this eucalyptus oil thats good for nasal congestion i pour the oil on a cotton and pin it somewhere near is head where he can breath it in… it helps him sleep better… i hope your baby gets better…

Run hot shower so bathroom fills with steam and clear him out then but he will be congested until whatever he has passes. Does suck though

If you have a humidifier I would definitely add that at night.

My daughter got bad at night. I would do the shower thing. Lots of fluids! Water is good, but tasteless. Watered down Gatorade, any fruit juice watered down, soup, and rest. Make sure he gets fresh air too. Oh yeah, mom loving and quiet play with mom is the best!

It’s a cold. Stay home away from other germs endless a fever spikes then call dr again. They will tell you at what temperature to come in.

Cool mist humidifier, hydrasense spray, snot sucker, lots of cuddles and skin to skin, sit in a steamy shower

A humidifier will really help! Or hold him in the bathroom while a hot shower is running. Steam will clear him up very quickly.

Jist went threw this with my 2 month old. Steam showers and vaporizer!!! Along wkth what you are already doing

A humidifier or run hot water in the bathroom until it gets steamy then sit in there with him. Also I suggest feeding him in the steamy bathroom it usually helps break the mucus up. Hang in there mama!

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Chopped unions under his bed

Lift one side of the crib to keep his head elevated along with what everyone else is saying. If it gets too bad ask the pediatrician if you can give him children’s Benadryl.

I love the nose freida.

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Humidifier and keep him hydrated.

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Humidifier and elevation helps a lot

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Be sure he’s well hydrated.Makes mucus easier to cough up.

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I would ask the doctor if you can use just saline in a nebulizer just to open them up. It works miracles on their little lungs. Moistens the airways and clears it up. Maybe two or 3 times a day. It always helps my babies

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Just don’t over suction the nose. Too much suction will irritate the sinuses and make it worse. Eucalyptus or peppermint oil on the neck helps my 2 and 4yr old.

Try bringing him in the steam of a shower.

Menthol johnson & Johnson soap

Humidity. Steamy hot shower in the bathroom with everything you are already doin’. Good Luck! I know it’s hard for both/all.

Turn the he shower on all the way hot, close the bathroom door and sit in there with him for like ten minutes

Johnson’s bath vapor and a Vick’s humidifier worked for my kids

Baby vicks on the bottom of the feet cover with socks… an old trick my grandma taught me and it helped my kids a lot esp at night time.

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Mommy’s bliss makes an all organic cold med for babies For congestion

My daughter to but she just turned 3 months. Get a fridda nose sucker works so well.

Baby vicks the bottom of his feet

Hylands tiny colds tablets

Allergy syrup helps but be mindful it makes one drowsy as well as putting a dash of eucalyptus oil on his baby clothing while hes wearing it. Clears up the nostrils

I like to diffuse eucalyptus into the air.

If the congestion doesn’t clear up get him checked for an ear infection. Has happened 2 times to our son and he’s only 6 months.

Humidifier. Eucalyptus oil. Vapor rub on the chest back and feet.

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My Dr, mother and granny all say if it lasts longer then 3 days go to the Dr

My daughter is a going to be 4 months as well, in a week and a half. Her first couple weeks home I thought she had a cold as well. I contacted her pedi and comes to find out it was allergies but I did do baby saline drops once a day in each nostril, after cleaning out her nose,kept on sucking out her mucussy boogies with NOSE FRIDA(best invention.) and I would steam up the bathroom and sit with her for a 15 minutes twice a day (morning and night.) before bed I also would add a little bit of Vick’s vapo-steam to her humidifier, or use a little bit of eucalyptus in an essential oil diffuser, it definitely helped her ALOT. Goodluck with your peanut🤗


Cant you use zarabees cough medicine? It worked on my daughter.