What can cause a dull ache in the upper right stomach?

Has anyone every experienced something similar? I am currently almost 29 weeks pregnant.
The upper right side of my stomach started to get a dull ache this afternoon with some nausea but didnt think anything of it. Then I had diarrhea once. Then later in the shift I had pressure like I needed to poop again, so I went to the bathroom like pushed and a tiny bit of diarrhea came out and that was it. Then I came home same thing the pressure very uncomfortable did the same thing as I did at work. Nausea on and off then I just woke up from sleeping with the same pressure went to the bathroom and had diaherra again (not much at all) and half of it was mucus tinged blood. And I’m still having the pressure feeling. I googled it with not much of an answer. Anyone have anything similar happen during pregnancy? I plan to call OB in the morning. (I have not had any constipation but do have minor hemmroids that I have had for a while w/o any issues)


Call the ob office, it should either give you a phone number to call or connect you to an after hours line.

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I had this exactly! My OB had me drink flat coke to ease the stomach pain and prescribed compazine for my nausea. I as having gall bladder attacks

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It could be your gallbladder or possibly a stomach ulcer. I would definitely call your doctor to get checked.

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I would go to the hospitol and get checked.

Bloody, mucusy stools do not sound like a great thing tbh. I’d go get that checked pronto…

Could you be losing your mucus plug? I remember not feeling the best and then I lost my plug but at the time I had no idea what it was.

Marlo Urey I was thinking the same thing…it could be her mucus plug. It would be good to check it because it could be contractions. One of my cousins just felt pressure and said her contractions didn’t really hurt til they were very close together. She almost didn’t make it to the hospital.

I think your right following up with you doctor, because you mucus membranes throughout your hole body are in extra use during this time, it is possible to have difficulty with your digestive system, even getting things like appendicitis. So definitely follow up with doctor

If it’s happening after you eat it could be your gallbladder. I would mention it to your dr. I had my baby already then started having symptoms. I had gallstones so I was having gallbladder attacks after everything I ate. I had to have my gallbladder removed.

Heartburn medication really helped me and something for nausea. I had this similar issue.
Personally I wouldn’t drink soda, I’d cut down on fatty foods, sugary foods and watch what you’re eating.
This helped me out a lot!!! Also cut down on acidic foods, juice, citrus stuff, soda and it will help.
You can look at low fodmap recipes which is designed for IBS but can help with gallbladder .

They did blood tests and an ultrasound to make sure I didn’t have any gallstones.
This can happen more in pregnancy. Please double check what your eating, especially since it’s early in your pregnancy.
I adopted a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and it has helped me a lot!!!

I had similar pain at 38 weeks and had my son that night. Definitely call!!

Diarrhea is no big deal. Id get the bloody mucus checked out just in case

This happened to me at 29 wks and it was premature labor. Go get checked-- they were able to give me steroids to help mature babies lungs snd were able to stop my labor for 2 weeks. It’s better to be safe - at least call yout Dr’s after hours number.

Gallbladder, it happens to me everytime im pregnant i just have to follow a diet.

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Upper right quadrant pain is labor and delivery qualified to be an auto check out ! Could be your liver causing problems

I was thinking gallbladder as I reading this.

I had this while pregnant with my last. It ended up being IBS. I lost 40 pounds while I was pregnant ( which I needed anyway) baby grew fine. And it completely resolved at birth.

Well, when i had a virus while pregnant, i didnt throw up but that happened to me. Went to the doc and thats what they said. But could be diff for you

I would get checked because of the blood tinged mucus. Never know, could be preterm labour

Sounds like gallbladder just by where the pain was. But definitely get your doctors to take a look

I think gallbladder , how far along are you . Please let us know what is is after your doctor appointment we’re all interested in what it is .