What can cause a late period besides pregnancy?

So my cycle was supposed to start on the 5th, and it didn’t. I took a test on the 7th and the 11th or 12th, both test came back negative. As of today I’m 12 days late. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and on the 3rd of August. I’m freaking out,and not sure what to expect


I missed a cycle and my test was negative my Dr was able to detect my pregnancy at barely 4 weeks

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Mine is heavily impacted by stress.

With my first I didn’t get a positive test result until I was a full two months pregnant

Stress, Depression, Alcohol, & Cysts

I have endometriosis and that definitely makes my period all out of wack…I can go a month without having it, or I can have it 2 times in a month. :woman_shrugging:t3: I can have HORRIBLE CRAMPS or it can be none at all. Last 3 days or 3 weeks. It’s all a gamble


Dont worry , sometimes we can actually miss a period or simply be late .

And it can happen for many reason .

Stress can cause late or missed cycles, pcos, endometriosis, there are actually several things that can affect a cycle besides pregnancy. Obviously, however , that too can be a factor for it

You may have ovulated late or not at all.

Everything. Literally everything.


A lot can change a cycle…stress, medications, being sick etc. Sometimes your cycle just changes :woman_shrugging:
You’ll find out tomorrow. Don’t panic too much.


Stress, just fate, maybe loss of blood from something else can all lead to delayed periods.

Stress, illness, hormones… just go get checked and test if you feel necessary

Hypothyroidism can cause changes in menstruation among other things.

45 days after the first day of your last cycle is when you know or can tell if you are pregnant

Ovulated later then you expected.

Lots of things. Stress, hormones, being sick, being out of your normal daily routines etc , spending more time with another female (cycle syncing is real) depending on your age coz be perimenopause . Birth control…

The possibilities really are endless


Well have u been to doctor updates plz

Stress, anxiety a list of things can cause missed or late menstruation

PCOS cause this for me. Stress can also affect it, but normally it’s a hormonal imbalance.

I was 16wks when dr finally did ultrasound blood work came up neg dr said he don’t know y blood came up neg my son was born healthy

Stress def had my periods wayyy off whack, but im
Now 7 months pregnant so thats why it was off this time

Stress extra week in the month being sick

Hormones, stress, age, diet, PCOS, endo … there’s a long list ! But only your GP will have the right info for you

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Your diet, mental health, sleep cycle, change in routine… there’s a lot of things that can cause your period to go off track.

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Stress and eating less. I have an eating disorder and realized my periods skip months and be late because I’m not eating

Do not. I repeat: do NOT google symptoms!!! Go to your doctor. Could be 100 benign things, but if you google it, it’ll tell you you’ve got testicular cancer in the brain or something!
It’s probably stress, which is ironic because a missed period makes you stress more.

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Stress, a lot of physical activity

I say stress I was late last in October over 2 weeks but then had another period 2 weeks after that so idk I know I’m not pregnant I have my tubes tied

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