What can cause a pulsing in your pelvis while pregnant?

I’m 36+2 weeks right now and wondering if I should be concerned. This is my first pregnancy so I’m not 100% sure what I’m feeling/hearing right now. I guess it’s kind of cramps but I’m having almost pulsing pressure in my pelvic area along with a lot of liquid sounds coming from my belly. I’m not leaking or having any discharge but baby is being extra active so I’m not sure if this is just Braxton hicks or what? This is the first time I’ve experienced this and me and my partner were intimate this morning which I know can sometimes induce labor so I’m kinda psyching myself out about it right now


When in doubt get checked out better safe then sorry. I thought I was having lightning crotch but I was in full blown labor and almost had my daughter in the car I had her in the delivery hall way cause I didn’t think I was in labor I had no signs or contractions.


Braxton hicks feels like a belt of fire wrapped around your waste. I just had my baby today. That pulse is pretty normal and it always freaked me out when baby got extra active. Don’t go to labor and delivery they will check your cervix and you probably aren’t dilated so you’ll just be sent home on false alarm and mad you even went

That was a normal thing for me.