What can cause a random rash on kids?

My daughter broke out in a rash and it wont go away…what could cause random rashes? We havent changed anything and she has not eaten anything new…its not raised…jsut red and itchy


Could be impetigo. We are dealing with that now.

Laundry detergent, fabric softener …

New laundry soap? Around a new dog or cat? Recently spent time on the grass?

Could be about anything. I would make an appointment to be seen. If it isn’t going away.

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My oldest gets rashes after fevers. Every time.

Could be heat rash. Do you have a picture of the rash? Where on her body is it?

Could be anything and only way to find out is elimination of stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got anything new or changed anything people can get reactions from stuff they normally have just out of the blue. Try doing an elimination test and see. If you’re very concerned I would take her to the doctors just to give your mind ease.

Could be anything. Something environmental causing it or strep, fifths disease, hand mouth and foot, eczema, endless possibilities

Benedryl but call the pediatrician.

Could be multiple causes. Call your pediatrician

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Was she recently vaccinated?

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If recently had a fever from illness can be from that

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Hand foot and mouth, new allergy to anything in environment (doesn’t have to be new) and several other possibilities. If unresolved with a couple days of home remedies and little is uncomfortable I would suggest a trip to walk in or pediatrician