What can cause bleeding in pregnancy?

11 weeks pregnant today and around 1030 am I got up from a sitting position and started gushing blood, I had a scheduled doctors apt for 1130 which once I called they advised to head to the ER. Currently at the hospital I have had blood work and waiting for a ultrasound. My question is how many people have had this happen and didn’t have a miscarriage?


That sounds scary. Please keep us posted. :pray:

About 30% of women bleed during pregnancy and half of them go on to have a healthy child.


Me I had a subchorionic hematoma

Me! I had a subchronic hemorrhage/hematoma. Absolutely horrifying because it was a pregnancy after miscarriage. But my rainbow baby is now 3 and absolutely healthy

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Not to be mean but all 4 times mine ended in miscarriage. Prayers to you!

I bled slightly for a few days around 9 weeks but it was not a gush. However I have miscarried once and then I did not bleed at all until they gave me a DNC so I think it’s just a case to case basis. Good luck momma. It’s so scary. Praying for you.

Me. Subchorionic bleed. It was awful but we made it through. Stay positive and try to breathe. It may be ok.

Unfortunately when I bled that heavy it was. But my friend had heavy bleeding and just had a healthy little girl. Everyone is so different. I pray everything works out for you.

Praying everything is okay

I bleed like that three time throughout my pregnancy with our rainbow baby. I had a blood clot between my uterus and placenta. I’m praying keep your head up, love❤

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Bled for months during my pregnancy with my last baby he was late and is now a healthy happy 9 year old.


i experienced that an had a miscarriage i hope everything is okay god bless

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My mum bled for months with my sister, didn’t realise she was pregnant until she was 5 months because of it, don’t panic yet.
Hope all turns out well x

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Yea bleed with both my girls bad also had 2 miscarriages so praying all is good

There are many factors that could cause bleeding in a pregnancy low progesterone level, a condition called placenta previa, anemia, having a clotting disorder, blood clot on the placenta, deformities with the baby, irritation to your cervix, your placenta detaching A subchorionic bleed problems with your uterus and last miscarriage.

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Ffs, thanks for the trigger warning.

Sending prayers for you and your baby, and hoping all is well :pray::pray::pray::heart::heart::heart:

I had that happen, went to ER and they sent me home saying I was miscarrying. Had an appt the next week to make sure it all came out. 7 years later I have a healthy beautiful daughter. The ER made me lose my mind for days. Prayers for you and your baby.

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Not me . Blood meant bad news for me .

Praying for u and ur baby. Hope all is well stay positive

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My sister bled for pretty much her entire pregnancy with my first niece… she was born perfectly healthy… and she’s currently 12 years old. I also had some pretty heavy off and on bleeding around 13 weeks that lasted a couple of days… and I’m currently 38+4 today… my only issue is that she’s still breeched… but perfectly healthy other than that. So hang in there, mama! Sending positive vibes your way :sparkling_heart:

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Had this exact thing happen at 10 weeks… I was certain I lost the baby. Did the ultrasound and everything was fine. No idea why it happened.

Me, I had a subchorionic hematoma, & my son is now 6 months old :blue_heart:

My sister in law happen that happen with her first born, they were certain it was a miscarriage, but she went in the following week and let’s just say she has a healthy crazy little boy that is 5 years old… they have no clue what caused it but nephew is very healthy and smart and crazy lol… praying for you love

They told me I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks there was so much hemorrhaging and they said the baby would come out soon. She is 2 now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Implantation bleeding. I had it with all three of my pregnancies and all three of my children are as healthy as can be.

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I had that happen at around the same time, 10ish weeks. Huge gushes of blood, instantly filling a pad plus clotting. Happened three times in two weeks. First pregnancy and I was convinced I’d lost her or was losing her. They were never able to to tell me why I bled, but tracked her closely and it eventually stopped after 2 weeks. My baby was born perfectly healthy (albeit early at 35+3) hard to say if it’s related.

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Please give us an update! Prayers for you and baby!

I did at 18 weeks, they never figured out what happened but I’m now 33 weeks and we’re ok. Sending positive vibes your way.

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Had bleeding at 12 weeks and again at 15 weeks. Lost my baby at 16 weeks. At 12 weeks it was subchoriotic hemorrhage bleeding. 2 small tears. At 16 weeks it was miscarriage bleeding.
Prayers for you and your baby. It doesn’t always mean your losing your baby. And i pray everything goes well and smoothly. Please keep us updated if it doesnt bother you.

Op Update

I had an ultrasound that showed baby there and still a high heartbeat. HCG level of 36000. They are not sure why I’m bleeding but once they checked there was no current active bleeding. If I start bleeding again I have to go back to emerge.


Glad everything is fine hope it stops for the rest of your pregnancy it stopped around the 5 month time for me

I wasn’t gushing blood, but I started bleeding with my first daughter around 12 weeks. Turns out I had placenta previa.

I had a placental abruption and lost a lot of blood. Almost lost her, i had her at 33 weeks.

I did this several years ago it was a placenta previa needed some bed rest and all was ok he is now fine at 40yrs

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Me…had lots of bleeding with my second. Was in hospital 10 times during my pregnancy scared to death my baby would be born with some defect but she was born at nearly 9lbs so hang on you might be in gfor a rough ride but hopefully you will be ok …

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I did… It was very scary i woke up to blood all over my bed :confounded: my baby is now 6 years old :heart:

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Could have been a sub chorionic hemorrhage

Me. At six weeks with my first and my second it was placenta previa. I was told I have a bicornuate uterus and I’d never have a child without surgery. I never had surgery… I have two very healthy little boys. I wish the best for you.