What can cause breast pain?

Super embarrassing question but my doctors office is currently closed and I am wondering how concerned I should be… I’m experiencing pain in one of my breasts and maybe clumpy tissue but I don’t feel any hard lumps. I thought maybe a clogged duct, but I haven’t breast fed in a year and usually I can feel the duct stiff. I know I need to seek medical attention and I will probably just call Monday when they open but I was curious if anyone else has experience this pain


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can cause breast pain?

Ovulating or about to start your cycle?

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Could be many things honestly… does it burn or itch ?

Breathe deep. Relax. Stressing yourself won’t help anything. Your best bet is to ask your Dr. More than likely it’s completely normal.


I understand Wht ur saying. I’ve put off my mammogram since October bcuz I’m scared of wht they’re gna find. But a few days ago I started hurting in my left breast and now my arm and back is very tender to the touch. Like my skin is very tender. So now I’m really scared.

Do you happen to drink lots of caffeine daily? Or are you possibly drinking it more than normal lately? Energy drinks, coffee, expresso shots?

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Yes, I have had a duct abbcess and never breast fed, I also have tons of tumors (Fibroadenomas). Both started out sore spots. My sister has also exceperenced this and she had cyst fluid filled cyst, but thankfully BOTH of us had our spots biopsied and were non cancerous. I would like to add that cyst are extremely common and rarely are cancerous. My best advice is to stay calm and positive until you see your dr, it’s likely nothing! Even if it turns out a tumor/cyst it’s still likely non cancerous. The Breast Center I go to explained it’s way more common in women and even older teens due to all of the hormones added to food now.


Around my time of month I get that when cycle about to start. Like 3 days before

My son is 13,i nursed him until he was about 2 and a half,and even til this day i still get horrible breast pains alot,and the clumpy soft tissue,no sign of breast cancer, so to me its normal ,i dont even worry,just another day for me

Be Safe, make a doctor appointment.

Too much Caffeine can cause it.

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My mother had a duct that we thought was bad news, It was breast milk from 31 years ago.


Um…. Cold stuff… I don’t get brain freezes. I get boob freezes. Go to Doc though

The doctor told me to stop drinking caffene for a month and i would notice a difference and he was right cause i drank a lot of dr.peppers.

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Go to the doctor…to be SAFE

Too much caffeine? Could be a number of things. Be sure to see your doctor to be safe.

Could be the beginning of congested breasts, or Just normal random pain. Definitely check with your doctor when you can, try not to stress as hard as it is… but also don’t mess with it, as the more you do the more sore it becomes

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A number of things. Even if its just one side it could be because its close to that time of the month, too much caffeine, could still be a clogged duct, cold weather, skin could be dry. It could be becoming more dense (thats what caused my pain most of the time). I would still talk to a doctor just incase.

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Fibrocystic breast disease. Mine flares if I drink too much coffee. And it’s only one breast.

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Fibrocystic changes.

I never breastfed and I still ended up with a clogged duct . It had to be removed

I’ve been told it is from too much Caffeine

I have fibro cystic disease which I have to get mammogram for and ultrasound cause I have so many it’s hard for my dr to distinguish

Are you about to start your period ?

A thermal compress might help in the meantime. See your Dr.