What can cause dizziness?

Just curious if any of you ladies have been through this or know what this could be. So I’m a year postpartum and ever since having my daughter I’ve been having random extreme dizzy spells to where I can’t even stand up and they have gotten worse and have lasted longer than when they first started with those spells I can’t hear out of either of my ears, and my heart will race and feel like it’s beating out of my chest, and my vision will go somewhat blurry and I will get nauseous. I had one this morning and it lasted around 20 minutes I’ve been to the dr and they did bloodwork and everything came back normal, so I still don’t have any answers as to what this could be


It can be anything. I have vertigo but just found out I have to go get surgery done on my neck that also can be from me getting dizzy and what not. I have vertigo. Your neck can do a lot from symptoms.

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Take a list of all these possibilities to your doctor or another doctor and ask her to start ruling them out.

I had this same issue and turns out it was due to my birth control!!! I stopped taking it and it got much better!!! Also it can be caused by dehydration, during pregnancy and even after if BF your body needs double the amount of water.

It was my 1st symptom of hashimotis. I’ve I started thyroid medicine it went away

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Vertigo, low iron? Those would be my first 2 guesses.

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Could be a case of anxiety sounds like a panic attack to me I had these symptoms after my son was born check out an app called dare it’s got some free features including how to stop a panic attack I don’t suffer from panic attacks anymore


I have a condition called pots and this sounds like that

Sounds like Vertigo. My doc sent me to a physiotherapist. She did wonders for me with my neck and excercises. Has to do with your ears.

Have you checked your blood pressure during these episodes ?

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Contact a Physical Therapist about the dizziness you may have what they call crystals in your ears. I speak from experience they can help with correcting this.

Sounds like vertigo

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