What can cause heavy periods?

I have been exclusively breastfeeding for almost 5 months with my daughter on the 15th. Well I just got my first period since having her. Now this is unlike any period I’ve EVER had. I’m talking cramps that make me curl up in a ball in the couch, & sorry TMI, blood that’s brown. I know this is a period but I’ve never had it this bad. It’s not a heavy flow either. I’ve taken pain meds but nothing is working. My question is, is the brown blood normal? & how can I take this pain away since Motrin & ibuprofen isn’t working.


Give it a few months to regulate. The brown blood could be “old blood and junk” since it’s been a while. If it doesn’t get better in 2-3 months or last longer than 5-7 days, becomes unbearable or anything like that then call you doc.

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I’ve heard a lot of women say that after a baby your period comes back ten times worse, I sort of understood it when I got mine for the first time after bub but at the same time I sort of just thought maybe it’s because we haven’t had to deal with it for so long that we forgot how painful it can actually be :woman_shrugging:t3:

Brown means old blood so if you’re in excruciating pain maybe go get that checked out, it could be some placenta still in there.
I’ve breastfed both of mine and the first periods I got where at 11 months for the first and 17 months for the second. Both where extremely heavy but not much pain.

You have to understand your body hasn’t had a period in a long time, this period is cleaning out and the dark blood is totally normal.

My first couple periods post partum were always HORRIBLE. But after a couple it regulated again and was back to normal

Anything before 6 weeks is considered post partum bleeding. Its normal to start and stop.

Nursing contracts your uterus. I never got cramps or anything before I had kids but after having kids I get random cramps that feel exactly like contractions and last as long as a contraction.

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Brown blood is just old blood.

The timing, color and amount sounds exactly like my experience when I was exclusively nursing too. Sorry you got such bad cramps with yours…after my 27 hour labor, I guess I just do t notice cramps anymore. :woman_shrugging:t2:Maybe ask your doctor at your six month visit if there’s anything that can help it.