What can cause irregular periods?

Hey everyone!
So I went to the doctors today and explained that I havent had a period since November/December 2018, and described other symptoms. They are are similar to pregnancy symptoms, however I’m not pregnant (I also took a test there just in case) but she explained that we should check for PSOS. I’m so scared. My husband and I have been trying for a baby with no luck. I’ve been pregnant/given birth and also had a miscarriage before as well. Has anyone had to go through this or had the same symptoms or have gone through a similar situation?


Pcos - don’t lose hope! I have it was told in Oct 18 if never have kids etc… 14 yrs of trying feb I found out I was pregnant — 19 eeeks
I was already prev in Oct when dr said it wouldn’t happen

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Same thing happened to me. Only we were trying for our first. My cycles turned into 70-100 days apart, all negative tests, even a blood test. I got diagnosed with PCOS and took 3 years to get pregnant and a couple rounds of clomid. PCOS sucks but there’s way to manage it! You’re born with it and die with it but you can do stuff to help control the symptoms.

I have pcos too! My story is similar to yours. I had my son in 2008 and had so many fertility issues as the years went on (I had a miscarriage too in 2015)

I had accepted the fact I might not be able to have any more kids so I choose to do a very strict diet in February of this year and focus on my health and personal goals…

I ended up pregnant after loosing 68lbs! I’m now 20 weeks pregnant💙

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I have PCOS have had it since I was 14 it’s not impossible to get pregnant the natural way and I have had 2friends get pregnant and we’re not even trying. Go and talk to an OB that specializes in infertility they will point you in right direction.

I was diagnosed with the condition after I had my daughter. I used to look at it as a curse but now I look at it as a blessing. Time is precious & I’ve been able to give my valuable, undivided attention/time to her over the years because of it. I would never wish to change that. When my time comes again, it’ll be when it’s meant to be. Other than that, if I get too old & I don’t have more, but want more— I’ll take it as a sign my calling is to adopt. Don’t beat yourself up over it! My doctor always told me that a healthy diet/exercise plus taking your medication consistently will up your chances severely. He also told me that if you’ve had a successful pregnancy in the past, your chances of getting pregnant with PCOS are higher. (My body didn’t react well to the medication so now I’m going with the flow.) Good luck to you! :purple_heart:

I have pcos as well love. My symptoms were only having 2-3 periods a year. Very painful ovulation and periods. And it took me 4 years before finally getting pregnant with my oldest. Then 2 years later I miscarried my second at 14 weeks. Then almost 2 years after that I had my youngest. Luckily mine hasnt affected me too badly except for the pain and long conception times. Praying for you love.

I just got diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome(yesterday) people with PCOS may experience People may experience:

Menstrual: abnormal menstruation, absence of menstruation, heavy menstruation, irregular menstruation, short and light menstruation, or spotting

Weight: obesity, overweight, or weight gain

Skin: acne or oily skin

Also common: depression, inappropriate male features, infertility, loss of scalp hair, or unwanted hair, endometriosis, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, fibroids, ovarian cyst solid or fluid-filled, miscarriage and Acanthosis nigricans. Symptoms vary on an individual basis that’s why you have to go get blood work and an ultrasound of your reproductive system to check and see how the PCOS is affecting you. You’re not always infertile when you have PCOS but the majority of women are. I would recommend going to an OBGYN and a endocrinologist that specializes in PCOS to get accurate answers and to see if you should be on any medication. There is no cure and it’s a lifelong thing but there are things that you can do to manage your symptoms and conceive possibly but you have to do the work to take care of yourself for a lifetime and you have to manage your weight and bad sugar intake. I have PCOS and I have two children but I also had one miscarriage.

I have pcos, my ovaries have so many cysts that they look like swiss cheese on the sonograms. I have 2 children, both girls, one is 13 and one is 3 months. I had one miscarriage before my first born, and one in between them. Every time I got pregnant it was when I had lost a lot of weight, I am usually on the heavy side but stress makes me slim down. I was told 12 years ago after my first born that I’d probably never get pregnant again, but I did naturally :slight_smile: birth control helps regulate the size if the cysts, so they dont burst as much (it hurts like heck when they do) and the only time I get my period is when I’m on bc, otherwise I’ll go years without it.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 was told the chances of me having a baby was slim and none. They started me on Metformin to help regulate my insulin. I was then also put on BC (mirena) to help with my periods. I got that taken out at 5 years, and continued to take my metformin while we were trying and I swore that’s what helped me get pregnant. I now have a 2 month old healthy and beautiful baby girl :two_hearts: