What can cause my son to spit up so much?

My son is almost 3 months. On Enfimel gentleease Any other formula anyone has tried to help with the spit up. The dr didn’t seem worrried bc he’s gaining and sometimes kids just spit up a lot and should stop in a few months. But I can not handle this anymore. He’s at 5 oz and even burping every 2 oz. Don’t help. Sitting up feed doesn’t help. Keeping him up right for a while doesn’t help. And it doesn’t bother him one bit Thanks

Have you tried possibly putting a few gas drops in the bottle before feeding? That helped us quite a bit.

My daughter was the same way, so frustrating. If I could go back and do it again I would try feeding her smaller amounts at a time, but the doctor kept telling me to feed her more at a time and make her wait longer between feedings.

The day I switched my son to Cows milk he stopped. He was spitting up so bad and it was tons, like projectile vomiting. First cows milk bottle and he never did it again.

When my children were babies they both suffered from severe GERD. My son screamed and spit up a lot for 8 months. Took 4 pediatricians to diagnose him. Few days of prescription ppi medication and he was significantly better.

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Enfamil AR helps with spit up.

I used gerber soothe pro formula and probiotic drops. I also gave gas drops before every bottle (okd by our pediatrician). I was there and I know how awful it is to add cleaning up multiple spit ups a day. I’m almost positive that my son had reflux but the dr didn’t want to start meds bc he was gaining.

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In my experience babies just spit up. Both of my kids did until 6 months or so. One was colicky and my others had no problems at all. Air flow bottles helped a little. If they are gaining weight it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Put a bib on for feedings and make sure you have lots of burp rags around.

Have your pediatrician check for paloric stenosis. A narrowing of the spincter muscle at the bottom of the stomach-top of the intestine. It is an easy diagnosis. A simple X-ray with berium. Is your son first born boy? They say that they tend to be the dominant group. My son had it at 3 weeks. Had quick surgery and was fine.

What kind of bottle are you using too , my son had to be put on soy formula after trying many different formulas that was in 94

Have u tried the AR formula? I had mine on genlease and once I switched to AR with all 3 of my kids, the spit up went way down almost completely away.

You need to be burping him more than every 2 oz. Stop burping everyone 1/2 to 1 ounce.

You need to consult with your pediatrician

Maybe Enfamil ar? Your Dr isn’t wrong though, formula fed babies do spit up alot, if you baby isn’t bothered by it I wouldn’t stress a whole lot.

Reflux. Feed less at a time

See if they have acid reflux.is it just spit up or throwing up it could be milk allergy as well. My sone would throw up and his stools were mucusy so they changed him to neocate syneo and his is better he just has Gerd and he is on nexium and another medication for his severe acid reflux

Acid reflux there is medication for it.

Not saying this is it My son started this way ,pos. Reflux,formula changes and feed every 2 hours. I took my son to 3 hospitals before they figured it out. He started loosing weight . I went with my mom gut. My son had surgery for pyloric stenosis. Always go with mom gut. You know your baby better than anyone. Have I listened to my sons Dr. I probably would have lost my son.